Monday, 30 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150329 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Australia's climate change policy on course for 'disastrous' 4C warming - let's sue #AU now for damage it will cause

#OpenSource Mandatory for Indian Government Projects - great news, could have big impact #india

E-mail autofill blunder leaks personal details of G20 leaders - how can we trust #AU government with #dataretention?

Europe’s law enforcement chief joins in #crypto panic - is a forced move to targeted #surveillance such a bad thing?

#TPP "is too secretive and potentially too damaging to be rushed through Congress via “fast track” authority" - #TPA

Ridiculous Ruling In #Ireland Requires ISP To Kick Those Accused (Not Convicted) Of File Sharing Off The Internet -

Anglican church must divest fossil fuels to cope with climate crisis, bishops say - too right #divestment

How The #TPP Agreement Could Be Used To Undermine Free Speech And Fair Use In The US - this is serious #copyright

Who was awarded compensation in past #ISDS awards? - *not* SMEs, as @EU_Commission claims (v @pia_eberhardt)#TTIP

Investor-State Attacks on Public Interest Policies: Access to Medicines - "threats to public health policies" #TPP

Publishers Actively Monitoring Testing Students' Social Media Posts For Possible Cheating - not nice

Green solidarity on the U.S.Europe trade deal - why anti-#TTIP is not anti-US

#TTIP: How would the secret deal affect US? - Gwen Buck interviews Bill Waren of Friends of the Earth US

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