Thursday, 5 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150304 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Mapping the global battle to protect our planet - & that's what it is... (v @Cecile_Toubeau)#TTIP

Industry lobbyists weakened Europe's air pollution rules, say Greenpeace - UK gov puts profit before people, again

#TTIP–EU Nexus and North Africa - Seminar 24-28 March 2015, Tunis (Tunesia) (v @andrea_licata)

Everglades To Be Killed This October by Florida's Own Koch Brothers - sickening

Anti-Corruption Social Network In Russia Requires Numerous Personal Details To Join: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? -

Ascent of Giants - important analysis of why #NAFTA betrayed Canada, & why #CETA, #TPP, #TTIP will make things worse

#FTA: "April may be too close to the gravitational field of the 2016 elections, and the whole scheme could go down" -

#TPP + #TTIP "would thus yield all of about eight one-hundredths of one percent to U.S. GDP per year until 2025" -

"bona fide regulations to protect public welfare have been recast as illegal barriers to trade by the big corporations" #TTIP #TPP

EU Council proposals on protecting the open internet – Episode 1, the phantom neutrality - awful: we must fight this

"next release of OX Guard, with the new #PGP features, will be out this summer" - #crypto #opensource

Wyden should side with Merkley, working families on trade agreement - pressure growing on #TPA: will he listen?

Fourth plinth: politically provocative Gift Horse is unveiled in London - well done, Boris (did I really write that?)

Clapper: Attacks We Didn't Prevent In The Past Can't Be Prevented In The Future If Section 215 Is Allowed To Die -

Free trade has restructured corporate sector, slowed growth, raised inequality, says economist - #NAFTA bad, #TPP too

first #TTIP statement from Jamie Oliver on social media - yes, anyone can join the campaign...

WordPress Wins $25,000 From DMCA Takedown Abuser - important precedent: more cases needed now, pl. (v @maira)

GCSB in mass collection of Pacific data: Ferguson - not wittingly, of course (v @KimDotcom)#snowden #nz

The shocking truth about police corruption in Britain - a growing problem. But they’re hunting whistleblowers instead

Why Even Justified Criticisms Of GNU Privacy Guard Miss The Point - we should be hugely grateful...

Breakdown in management-staff relations at the European Patent Office - #EPO a complete & utter disaster; start again

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