Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150316 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

The #TPP has the potential for real harm - good column from #AU's The Drum

Intellectual property issues hinder #TPP talks in Hawaii - should just bin them

Bulgaria's Constitutional Court Rules Bulk Data Retention Unconstitutional; EU - No New Snooping Directive Coming -

The Apache Software Foundation Accepted as a Google Summer of Code 2015 Mentoring Organization -

Japan Inc wary of #TPP amid competition fears-poll - "3/4 not expecting their sales to benefit": why bother, then?

Why the Time has Come for an #OpenAccess Foundation - legal wellies needed #licensing

Police told to drop child abuse case against Cyril Smith, says whistleblower - staggering corruption at heart of UK

#TTIP: State of play - biased, pro-TTIP report; interesting for demonisation of Russia & China (v @RyanHeathWriter)

US Government Is Pressuring Europe to Dial Back Its Pesticide Rules - so much for preserving high standards in #TTIP

Putting the #TPP on the Right Track - "Trade agreements are not just about exports — imports also matter."

How Europe’s Regulation of Pesticides Could Impact Your Food - - US government objects. cf. #TTIP

Thailand warns women who post 'underboob' photos face 5 years in jail - because this is really a serious issue, no?

Chicken plant workers: chemicals on carcasses making them sick (2014) - another reason to keep them out of #TTIP

An unexpected victory for renewables in #Poland - this is great news (v @StollmeyerEU)

MT @JaspervanDijkSP PvdA en D66 staan open voor speciale rechtbanken waarmee bedrijven landen kunnen aanklagen #ISDS #TTIP >>just crazy

Ferry companies: immigration checks will cause travel chaos at Dover - this is where mindless dogma takes us

Why Are Some People So Intent On Making Netflix More Like Traditional TV? - 'cos they want whole Net to be like TV

Pine martens recorded in West Country by night-vision camera - great: let's re-introduce them

Britain must signal the beginning of the end for coal investment - or, you know, actually do it #divestment

UK needs independent scrutiny of intelligence - former head of MI6 - "NGOs & people with understanding of technology"

Court Rejects Argument That The Music Industry Deserves 'Pirate Tax' On Every Internet Connection - good call

USTR Pushes Congress To Approve Trade Deals,Threatens Reps With Criminal Prosecution If Tell Public What's In Them -

Tropischer Regenwald: EU-Importe f√∂rdern illegale Abholzung - unacceptable:@EU_Commission must act now

Judicial Committee Gives FBI The First OK It Needs To Hack Any Computer, Anywhere On The Planet - just like in UK

The Madness of Miami Beach -- Why Do Investors Keep Dumping Money in a City That Will Soon Be Under Water? -

Will the U.S. Senate Allow Big Media to Hold Blind People for Ransom? - this is selfish & disgusting

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