Thursday, 5 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150302 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#AU Data Retention Enthusiast: Those Against Idea Just Want Everything 'Free Of Charge, Free Of Responsibility' -

Japanese official: Adding currency rules would kill Pacific trade pact - your move, US politicians... #TPP

#Mozilla's Really Important News: #Thunderbird Lives - Too important to lose in the post-Snowden era #crypto

MEPs must protect public from #TTIP threat - 375 civil society organisations explain what needs to be done

The Fisherman’s Dilemma - nicely-written piece about an important experiment in fishery management

Leichtfried: Klare Linie gegen #ISDS der europäischen Sozialdemokraten - important if they mean it (v @michelreimon)

Secret police file on 90-year-old campaigner is lawful, court rules - we we have come to this, UK? #pathetic

European trade policy at an impasse - politicians tied up with #TTIP & its tiny gains: should look to Asia instead

The relevance of arts trafficking for international security - West very slow to wake up to this

#TradeSecrets: We Must Act To Protect #Whistleblowers! - we must indeed... #EU

Cherry Mobile Ace pushes Firefox phones down to $23 (pictures) - incredible #opensource #mozilla

Laut einer vertraulichen Quelle: "[#TTIP] Verhandlungen geraten immer mehr ins Stocken - lots of important details

"S&D Group opposes inclusion of #ISDS in Trade Agreements" - hugely important statement for #TTIP (v @moniquegoyens)

Labour MEPs secure massive support from European social democrats against #ISDS in trade deals - kudos #TTIP #CETA

Dell’s Linux Engineering team is hiring - "ensuring that Linux (all flavors) “just works” on all PowerEdge servers"

New Zealand Spies on Neighbors in Secret ‘Five Eyes’ Global Surveillance - big new #Snowden leak revealed #NZ

NZ PM says Snowden's NZ "documents could be fakes" - well, let's release them in full, then - can't be a prob if fake

Encryption Backdoors Will Always Turn Around And Bite You In The Ass - sad how it's always the donkeys that suffer

#TTIP: Politik gegen den Bürger - "ein massiver Eingriff in demokratische Gesetzgebungsprozesse" (v @jcschwaab)

McDonald's outlines new chicken policy but experts point 2 failed promises - nice they say it, but I don't believe it

#TTIP, Trade and regulatory co-operation: Benefits and costs. 5 March 2015 - Watch this event live 5 March 15h00 CET

Reden über #TTIP verboten - Germany's own Gagging Law? #democracy (v @netzpolitik)

Last Week Was A Victory, But The Fight For The Open Internet Is Nowhere Close To Being Done - important point

"more extreme intelligence practices not yet public knowledge, including collection of Americans' medical data" -

"US is not seeking to protect pharma’s IP rights [in #TPP], but rather, to expand them substantially" - good analysis

“Can I borrow your phone?” Hands-on with Mark Shuttleworth’s #Ubuntu phone - I still want Ubuntu Edge...

#ISDS is rigged to the advantage of the US - "ISDS is corrupt and rigged; we have to get rid of it." yup

Lame White House Response to Sen. Warren's Warning About #TPP Investor Privileges - here's why #ISDS

Administration’s Dishonest Response to Warren’s Attack on Secret Investor Arbitration Panels in Trade Deals - #ISDS

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