Sunday, 1 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150227 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

US Court Rules That Kim Dotcom Is A 'Fugitive' And Thus DOJ Can Take His Money - this is a real disgrace

Tall Tales of the #TPP (and #TTIP) - why #ISDS has no place in a functioning democracy

Trans-Pacific Partnership could prevent clearer food labelling – health advocates - #ISDS strikes again #TPP

Google, Our Patron Saint of the Closed Web - @google becomes spectacularly evil (v @sh4na @Codepope)

We Now Know The #NSA And #GCHQ Have Subverted Most (All?) Of The Digital World: So Why Can't We See Any Benefits? -

Paypal Cuts Off Mega Because It Actually Keeps Your Files Secret - awful logic here - makes all encryption suspect

MPAA Pushes For ICANN Policy Changes to Target “Pirate” Domains - #copyright maximalists want to break Net even more

#Amazon deforestation soars after a decade of stability - weakened Forest Code and soyistas to blame

Storify Founders Leave For Open Source, Baby - it's the future

Netanyahu’s Congress speech scuppers bipartisan unity on support for Israel - an arrogance too far...

Horseplay: What Hans Haacke's fourth plinth tells us about art & the City - kudos to Boris for approving this #london

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