Saturday, 14 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150312 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Report Says UK Citizens Must Give Up Right 2 Privacy Because 'Terrorism', Reveals Huge Secret Government Databases -

US anger at Britain joining Chinese-led investment bank AIIB - yes: work with #China, don't try to bully with #TTIP

Now it’s time for a review OF the ISC - perceptive analysis, as ever

Krude Theorien: #TTIP soll #China in Schach halten - good analysis of a feeble idea

#OpenSource #Crypto is Hard: Part 7846 - doesn't mean we should give up, though...

EU damaged if it fails to agree US trade deal - UK minister - no: studies show #TTIP will eviscerate intra-EU trade

#TTIP will gut the #EU, not boost it: here's the Bertelsmann study that predicts massive decline in intra-EU trade -

#TTIP 'threat to people's health in UK and across Europe' - "say 71 public health orgs from 41 European countries"

Protect #whales in Antarctica - pl. write to UK minister

Progressives: We’ve Never Heard Of This “Progressive” Group Backing Obama’s #TPP - whoops, getting desperate

The FBI's Paranoia And Incompetence Threatens Free Speech - mistaking Grozny for Mecca...

#ISDS must be replaced by a public court - yes - existing national courts: we don't need any new ones

Reda Report: Amendments to Salvage #DRM - "reject those which delete paragraph 24 or render it useless"

Copyright Policy and the Right to Science and Culture - good summary

Years Of Brainwashing The Public Into Thinking Everything Creative Must Be 'Owned' Has Led To This New Mess - yup

The inhumane trade in European farm animals - "sentient beings" in EU; living lumps of meat outside it. unacceptable

Private copying levy in EU’s firing line - time to bin it

Věra Jourová: We will be strict with the US on Safe Harbour - I'll believe it when I see it...

Why the Apple Watch will put the web out to pasture - only for those who care nothing about #privacy and #freedom

Major fire breaks out at Battersea Arts Centre in London - sad

Free Expression & The Internet: Watch The Copia Summit Roundtable Discussion Live - on now...

Ron Wyden: 'Plenty' Of Domestic Surveillance Programs Still Unexposed - just think about that...

Global carbon emissions due to energy stalled in 2014 - tiny bit of good news for a change; more needed

#Russia's #Surveillance State - important article: extremely detailed info #ru

Officials Upset Tech Companies Reluctant To Play Along With Administration's 'Information Sharing' Charade -

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