Sunday, 29 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150328 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TTIP: „Den politischen Preis in die Höhe treiben“ - interview with @pia_eberhardt, excellent as ever #ISDS

"Für uns zeigt die [#TTIP] Werbekampagne vor allem, wie undemokratisch, arrogant und neoliberal die Technokraten in der EU-Kommission sind."

The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything review – self-pitying Nigel Farage - splendidly written

"Farage is an attack dog who poses as an underdog. He’s the small-minded man who pretends he’s the friend of the little guy."

"Farage as a representative of the worst of England: the whining, hypocritical, know-nothing wing of the middle class"

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Grants Public Access to Data through Scientific “Data Warehouse” - great news

Students Against #TTIP UK - great to see student mobilising now - it's their democratic future being undermined here

The Emperor's New Clothes Trailer - A Russell Brand & Michael Winterbottom film - love him or loathe him, he tries

Hunt pledges extra £8bn for #NHS if Conservatives win election - but also wants £22bn "savings" = cuts; so 8-22 = -14

Tencent Announces Structural Adjustment Aimed At Animation And Film - interesting move #china

MPAA Wanted Less Fair Use In #Copyright Curriculum - what a surprise

Boycott Which? to stop #TTIP - "We want 'Which?' to oppose TTIP"; strange it doesn't see the dangers to consumers

TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - … 50 posts giving the background of #TTIP, + info on #CETA, #TPP, #ISDS

#TTIP report shows very negative impacts for Irish beef sector - … model uses impossible CEPR assumptions #ie

IFA: "US imports must meet same animal health, welfare, traceability & environmental standards as EU producers." -

Irish Farmers' Association realises it is being sacrificed in #TTIP for illusory gains elsewhere - #ie (v @jhilary)

what is true for Ireland is true for all EU farmers with high animal welfare & environmental standards: can't compete against cheap US food

means EU farmers will go bankrupt, & their high-animal welfare produce replaced by cheaper low-animal welfare mega-factory US food #TTIP

that is the #TTIP "benefit" EU consumers are supposed to applaud: fewer EU jobs, lower animal welfare, compromised food standards; no thanks

EU report: "#TTIP could have serious adverse consequences for the suckler cows sector. Ethanol, poultry & cereals" -

UK Poultry council expresses #TTIP fears - "minimum American welfare standards are lower than they are in Europe"

"companies may use #ISDS to challenge patent provisions, such as compulsory licensing and India’s patent law" -

The New York Times Soft-Pedals the Dangers of the #TPP - long but thorough dismantling of #ISDS (v @paulstpancras)

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