Saturday, 21 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150319 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Wikimedia Foundation adopts #OpenAccess Policy to support free knowledge - great move; good licences

OSHA denies petition for slower line speeds at meat plants - 3 chickens killed a second - #TTIP will bring them to EU

Assurances that there’s nothing to fear for the NHS from #TTIP are quite empty says Dr Louise Irvine - good analysis

How #ISDS Provisions Could Undermine Anti-Trust Actions - … could be a huge problem for #EU with #TTIP

Our campaign puts #climatechange where it should be – on the front page - quite right

Using Open Data to Fight #Corruption in #Greece - great use of openness to solve real-life problems #gr

this is hugely significant: #EUDataP first, then build on that in #TTIP - (v @bverschelde @sdonnan)

"I don't think we have even begun to understand the long-term damage the NSA has done to the US tech industry." -

bizarre way the U.S. regulates chemicals — letting them on the market first, then maybe studying them - #TTIP

Jerusalem at boiling point of polarisation and violence – EU report - is it any wonder... #israel #palestine

Florida employee 'punished for using phrase #climatechange' - denialist Republicans beyond absurd now

Refuse Abe ! 0322 Rally: Mar. 22, 13:00 Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall, 14:00 Petition Rally, Demo around Diet - #TPP

Cisco Shipping Hardware To Bogus Addresses To Throw Off #NSA Intercept-And-Implant Efforts - so it's come to this

Guardian appoints Katharine Viner as editor-in-chief - sounds good

statement may apply to current trade agreements, but not to TISA - #TISA has a ratchet that locks in privatisation

no place in the world has attracted more U.S. FDI than Europe - proves #ISDS not needed in #TTIP (v @MarietjeSchaake)

urgent: EU-#Japan trade talks already at 9th round - we are not on top of this: is #ISDS in there? let's get moving

#EU-#Japan FTA - 2014 open Letter to de Gucht about #ISDS - no transparnency then - and now? (v @Vrijschrift)

#TPP Talks Hung Up On Intellectual Property Issues: Maybe Just Drop That Section - yeah, why not?

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