Saturday, 28 March 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150326 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP Leak: Extraordinary New Powers for Foreign Firms to Challenge US Policies & Demand Taxpayer Compensation - #ISDS

#NZ Govt must be more transparent on investor state clauses - actually, just bin them #ISDS #TPP

French Intelligence Bill: Everyone Under Surveillance - pas good...

Convention on online advertising: increased circumvention of law in the name of fighting piracy - worse than #ACTA

UK first country in world where half of all ad spend is on digital media - time for the UK government to take note

Large fall in UK greenhouse gas emissions of over 8% last year - v welcome, much more needed

Embedded Linux Keeps on Growing, IoT Next Big Win - even Android can't compete with vanilla #Linux

EU announces plans to banish geo-blocking, modernize #copyright law - great in theory, but just wait for the lobbying

Chinese leaders push for "greenization" - horrible word, great idea #china

World's largest hydropower project planned for Tibetan Plateau - this is madness #tibet #china

Britain's first titan-sized prison gets green light - "includes punitive penalty clauses" #shameful

#NAFTA increased mass migration to the United States - will #TPP makes things even worse?

Germany worries about #TTIP’s impact on environmental standards - rightly so

Gemeinden dürfen sich bei #TTIP, #CETA und #TiSA keinen Maulkorb verpassen lassen! - richtig

Why a whiff of panic has entered America’s Pacific trade negotiations - "talks are reaching point of no return" #TPP

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