Thursday, 30 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141028 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Why support #TPP when it will let foreign corporations take our democracies to court? - excellent piece on #ISDS #AU

Reimon zu TTIP: Malmstr√∂m soll Notbremse ziehen - "Vertrauen in Kommissionsaussagen zu TTIP erreicht neuen Tiefpunkt"

France to Modify its Intellectual Property Code - absurd extension: "performers rarely, if ever, retain their rights"

Building Libraries Together: New Tools for a New Direction - "Let’s work together to save all human knowledge." let's

Street Demonstrations Against #Hungary's Plan To Tax Internet Data Lead To A Partial Climbdown By Government - next?

Apply for a licence to use an #orphanwork in UK - new scheme now running #copyright

Digital rights, online #privacy and the EU-US free trade agreement - me in @EC_magazine #TTIP #ISDS

Budapest autumn: hollowing out democracy on the edge of Europe - good report, frightening situation #hungary

.@WSJ: Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal Looks as Far Off as Ever - despite what they would have us believe #TPP

'Camouflaged' internet concerns the Australian Federal Police - the attack on #VPNs intensifies (v @AdV007)

movement against #TTIP-#TAFTA on Twitter - interesting graphical analysis of nodes; NB absence of MSM (v @campact)

Free Software (and Freedom) in #Kosovo - fighting surveillance with #freesw & #strongcrypto #sfk14

UK's #GCHQ Can Get Warrantless Access To Bulk #NSA Data - another reason why #RIPA must be revised #surveillance

TTIP & the Jobs Question - get facts on job creation - don't believe facile "answers" wheeled out by @EU_Commission

URGENT: Call the FCC every day from now until they make their decision on #netneutrality - we can't afford to lose

US #GMO Approval Process FINALLY Being Scrutinized - well, that's interesting

"The reason solar-power generation will increasingly dominate: it’s a technology, not a fuel." - huge point

"Monday is my first day at #Adobe, where I'll be heading up mobile strategy for Adobe's digital marketing business" -

"There are lots of people who want to do us harm" -  Cameron sounds like a playground weed, not a PM: what a #whiner

BBC refuses to include Green party in election TV leader debates - @BBC should rename itself UK gov propaganda dept.

"Israeli sunbathers casually discussing how Israeli Army should deal with residents of Gaza — “Just kill them all” -

#TPP deal keeps disappearing down rabbit hole - "agreement will soon face problem of momentum as well as credibility"

"@MPAA stress that they welcome technological innovations" - hahahahahahahahaha #copyright

#AU #metadata retention: "cheapest cost option, which would be cloud storage hosted out of China" - ha! #privacy

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