Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141006 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Die selbstorganisierte EBI unterstützt eine alternative Handels- und Investitionspolitik der EU - #TTIP #CETA

Big Pharma #TPP rhetoric obscures industry self-interest - same will be true for #TTIP #generics

#Ansip threatens to suspend Safe Harbour data agreement with US - promising words; now follow through with actions

Leaked #TTIP Documents Reveal Powerful Chemical Industry Wins - so much for not lowering standards, eh? #sellout

EU-Canada Trade Agreement 'Celebrated', Officially Released; Even Worse Than Feared - *no* "right to regulate" #CETA

selbstorganisierte EBI unterstützt eine alternative Handels- & Investitionspolitik der EU - #TTIP #CETA now 84K sigs

Canada, US and Big Oil bullying dilutes EU dirty fuel law - pathetic sell-out by @EU_Commission #FQD #tarsands

On leaving Leadership Council of New Alliance for Food Security & Nutrition - "vision of agriculture 4 the powerful"

What is #TTIP? 6 reasons why answer should scare you - "I would vote against them except… hang on a minute, I can’t"

EU abandons 'dirty' label for tar sands oil - sold out environment for #CETA; what will it sell for #TTIP/#TAFTA?

EU scraps plan to label #tarsands oil as highly polluting - European Parliament needs to kill this disgrace

Police officers in Sean Rigg death in custody case will not be prosecuted - well, no, of course not...

#TTIP & chemicals - threatening the health of our children? - English version down page; main research only Swedish

self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) against #TTIP & #CETA. pl. sign here - already up to 192K

Open Definition v2.0 Released – Major Update of Essential Standard for #OpenData and #OpenContent - crucial stuff

Tribunale di Roma. No al blocco all’accesso di siti che violano il #copyright. E Agcom? - buona domanda...

AXIOM open source digital cinema camera is nearing crowdfunding objective - nice

The Great Seed Festival - Celebrating The Seeds That Feed Us

De Gucht’s #TTIP Legacy - well, that's easy to sum up: TOXIC

Is #Adobe's Ebook Reader Spying On What You Read -- And What You Have On Your Computer? - sent as plaintext? #drm

Spotify is Powered by Linux and #OpenSource - as are Google, Facebook, Twitter etc etc

Why New Euro-Canada Treaty is a Gift to Oil Firms - this is v. serious: #CETA is a disaster (v @StuJT @leftnewsorg)

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