Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141020 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

World Trade Organization veils meaty information - staggering interference in democratic decision-making #TTIP #TPP

"If ever there was an industry whose early decline could be confidently predicted it's steaming coal." - #AU #TPP

Protestors disrupt The Death of Klinghoffer opera - Adam's work is a compassionate & balanced masterpiece

#TTIP and #ISDS: The Obscure Trade Clause Threatening to Tear European Politics Apart - and how... (v @TTIPBeware)

Divest MPs' pension fund from fossil fuels, says Caroline Lucas - excellent idea: lead the way #divestment

Paralysed man Darek Fidyka walks again after pioneering surgery - looks promising

How money from pro-Israel donors controls Westminster - amazing amount of money sloshing around here... #UK

Italian Parliament Publishes Draft Internet Bill Of Rights - after #Brazil, now #Italy picks up the baton

User Data Manifesto 2.0 - "Defining basic rights for people to control their own data in internet age" (v @hugoroyd)

Stop #TTIP and #CETA petition just passed 2/3rds of a million signatures - incredible...

This trade deal with America would have Churchill beaming - see how Boris tries to put lipstick on a pig #TTIP

on #TTIP, Boris trots out misleading best-case figures, claims they are good (they're actually close to zero in real terms) +empty rhetoric

Boris: UK should go it alone on trade deal with US if EU fails to sign - with no leverage, that means grovelling

Outgoing #GCHQ boss defends agency activities after #Snowden revelations - blatant, delusional attempt @ whitewashing

"of all communications out there globally only a small %age are within reach of our sensors" - yes, but all of UK's

European Commission proposes ratification of Marrakesh Treaty - even though they fought it tooth & nail #copyright

Wikileaks Exposes Trans-Pacific Partnership as Bad Trade Deal Again - "Enslaved through trade" #TPP

Trans-Pacific trade deal could bankrupt governments - corporations above nations #TPP

Copyright Maximalists And Lobbyists Insist 'Criminal Elements' Are Secretly Leading The Copyright Reform Effort -

Federal Trade Commission names Ashkan Soltani chief technologist - that's rather hopeful...

Honduras near ’failed state’ status due to free trade agreement - time to pull out of CAFTA-DR

Farage deal with Polish far-right party ‘raises serious questions’ say Jews - & that's putting it politely #ukip

Ministries of ICT, Education, & UNESCO join to formally launch School of Open #Africa - great move

‘Angry-looking grey men’ told they will lose campaign for UK to leave EU - good: #brexit utter disaster for UK

UK: Nurses warn over EU-US trade deal - rightly: #ISDS makes privatisation irreversible #TTIP

Raspberry Pi Founder Shows Off Incoming Touch Panel For Making DIY ‘Pi Pads’ - nice

New Open Knowledge Initiative on the Future of #OpenAccess in the Humanities and Social Sciences - good move

Auf Wiedersehen, #Ukip - "immigration and economic prosperity go together"; good analysis

Is Peer-to-Peer Energy the Next Big Sharing Thing? - makes sense

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