Thursday, 23 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141022 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

"Cantonese is beginning to take on a central role in Hong Kong’s resistance to mainland China." - (v @seatrout)

Departing EU Digital Commissioner Warns Against 'Analogue Europe' Blocking Digital Innovation - you know who you are

UK needs "mature debate" on #opendata, says senior official - backtracking, IOW (v @psychemedia @owenboswarva)

#Abbott government 'intent on destroying renewable industry' I thought he was just stupid; turns out he's evil #AU

Does #CETA offer any real value to Canadian farmers? - er, no, actually...

Member states warn Juncker against #ISDS concessions - actually, pretty much just UK causing problems, as usual

Australia shouldn’t sacrifice food safety standards for free trade - which is what #TPP will do

Ottawa shootings: a spectacular failure for Canadian intelligence - & for #FiveEyes: Boston Marathon, ISIS, now this

major lie by pro-#ISDS EU ministers: #TTIP "will add over €100bn to EU GDP" - no: that's the max it might bring

"#TTIP will lead to a contraction of GDP and a loss of personal incomes and employment" - important new study

BBC Uses Anti-Terror Spy Powers to Track Down People Who Haven’t Paid Their License Fee - absurd #RIPA abuse

Going Dutch: the Netherlands Shares UK's #OpenSource Woes - time to meet up & swap experiences? #nl

German Publishers Grant Google A 'Free License' Google Never Needed To Post News Snippets - ORLY? #copyright

FoE launches legal action to stop capture of #beavers in Devon - @DefraGovUK's comments here insult our intelligence

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