Thursday, 23 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141021 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

Big Tobacco puts countries on trial as concerns over TTIP deals mount - coming 2 EU thanks to #TTIP if #ISDS stays in

Open Licenses And Freedom Of Panorama Recognized In Russian Law - good news from #russia for a change

#AU Telcos may no longer be required 2 pass on lists of metadata requests - how convenient (v @Asher_Wolf @FarrellPF)

Prepare For More Devastating Bushfires, Australian Climate Council Warns - good job Tony Abbott says it won't happen

The Future of the Internet - 20 Years Ago - do you remember day 1st beta of #Netscape Navigator appeared? #mozilla

#TTIP Student Paper Competition - desperate attempt to bribe students to write nice things about #TTIP (v @jhilary)

the fact that #TTIP Student Paper Competition won't allow students to write about its problems shows how scared they are of honest debate

Let's Pay for #OpenSource with a Closed-Source Software Levy - spread the word, make it happen... #osd

"There will be no #ISDS clause in #TTIP if Frans does not agree with it too" - oh, look, a squirrel

#Princes and #JohnWest: stop trashing our oceans - shame on these companies: get this sorted now #dirtytuna

 Ban of vulture-killing drug in India is working - EU must take note

UK government has ‘blood on its hands’ over failure to track foreign criminals - too busy spying on UK citizens...

Concentrated Power and Consequences - Clive Menzies 7pm to 9pm on Tuesday 28th October 2014 - #london

Ruled by Banks – The City in policy-making in the UK and beyond - "including international ‘trade’ policy (#TTIP)"

End the cage age for Europe’s rabbits - "unspeakable welfare conditions, the most barren environments imaginable"

Proposition de thèse en droit " L’accès à l’information en matière d’expertise sanitaire et environnementale" -

Very quietly, the coalition tries to dismantle judicial review - yet another attack on the public's right to object

#Malaysia to lose nearly RM5 billion every year in TPPA deal, warns group - so, why sign up to #TPP?

Treaty holds no attraction for #thailand - - many people will die because of #TPP

Victims of Domestic Violence Getting Longer Prison Sentences Than Their Childs' Abuser? - insane sentencing

Establishing Wikidata as the central hub for linked open life science data - excellent idea #genomics

Big win for an interoperable commons: BY-SA and FAL now compatible - that's good #cc

Who Needs to Be More Flexible in the #TPP talks? Hint: It’s Not Japan. - yes, hugely important point (v @burcuno)

"only be done with the support of local communities": strange how that only applies to #windpower, not to #fracking -

NY Police Commissioner Bill Bratton Latest To Complain About Phone Encryption - concerted attack on #encryption...

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