Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141027 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page

#NZ Health professionals call to give #TPP trade deal a health check - it's dead, Jim...

UK government just declared war on the British people over #fracking - happy with that? if not, pl. sign here...

#China Orders Replacement of Microsoft's OS On Government Computers - we keep hearing this, will it happen?

UK to build biggest weather supercomputer - runs #linux, of course;@newscientist fails to mention it, of course

Pläne für EU-Urheberrechtsabgabe: Oettinger will Netznutzer für geistiges Eigentum zahlen lassen - clueless as feared

Today’s Britain: where poor are forced to steal or beg from food banks - what a word: "immiseration" (v @raycorrigan)

During Cold War, CIA And FBI Hired Over 1,000 Nazis As Spies, Limited Investigations Of Those Nazis - lovely

#Singapore concerned by #ISDS debate, asks investment be “decoupled” from EU deal - serious doubts spreading

#Kazakhstan Court Awards Massive Damages over Same-Sex Kiss Poster - risible

Expert: With #TTIP, not everybody is going to be happy, but that’s normal - IOW, rich will be happy, screw the poor

FFII submission to Ombudsman consultation on openness in #TTIP negotiations - #transparency

Simon Stevens must come clean on #TTIP that threatens the NHS - "make privatisation of the #NHS irreversible"

Mathematica rechnet falsch - that's the trouble with black boxes; don't use them #opensource

#RIAA "suggesting that the right to protect one’s #copyrights trumps freedom of expression" - riiight

More Cops Investigate More Teens 'Sexting.' Now What? - & find it commonplace...

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