Saturday, 11 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141009 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Save the New Zealand Dolphin from Extinction - come on, #NZ, you can't let this happen when solution is easy

US firms could make billions from UK via secret tribunals - great piece about #ISDS in @Independent #TTIP

join the Thunderclap: "Stop #TTIP, #CETA & #TiSA!" - 2/3rds of way there - pl. help... #o11DoA

Supreme Court Asked To Make It Clear That APIs Are Not Copyrightable - vitally important fro #opensource

From Pol Pot to #ISIS: “Anything that flies on everything that moves” - great analysis (v @CPMacL2008 @kaatje36)

uniting against ISIS would be a great way for the West and Russia to work together while saving face...

31 ciudades del Estado español se suman a otras 300 europeas el 11-0 contra #TTIP #CETA #TISA - #o11DoA

Is This How #Mozilla Could Change the World? - on a huge scale...

Nigel Farage has a plan. And abhorrent views on HIV are just a part of it - Farage is repellent

self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against #TTIP & #CETA. pl. sign here - nearly 400K; let's make it 500K

document with some info on agreements between EU and tobacco industry; why are details secret? - (v @PH_AdvocateEU)

More Abuse Of The Orphan Drug System: Taking Treatment From Free To $80,000 A Year - lovely move... #pharma

Jony Ive: companies that copy Apple's style are stealing - well, what do you expect from someone at Apple? #clueless

We can't let lobbyists destroy #London's segregated #cycle lane plans - fight back against the "old men in limos"

100 enhancements to SuiteCRM in 400 days - #opensource - bold project, needs lots of help..

self-organised European Citizens’ Initiative against #TTIP & #CETA. pl. sign here - over 400K; let's make it 500K

"when will Parliament stand up and protect our fundamental civil liberties?” - damn good question #surveillance #RIPA

EE, Vodafone and Three give police mobile call records at click of a mouse - wow, just awful; repeal #RIPA now...

Ebola: food safety experts to assess risk of bushmeat to EU countries - good opportunity to combat bushmeat smuggling

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