Saturday, 4 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141002 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

'#Microsoftgate' scandal rocks #Romania - "Ministers are suspected of having taken bribes"

$600 Billion 'Fat Finger' Causes Deals Worth More Than Sweden's Economy To Be Cancelled - whoops

Corporations get lots, Canadians get little in #CETA trade deal - just like #NAFTA et al.

#Gaza reconstruction plan ‘risks putting UN in charge of Israeli blockade’ - adding insult to injury

Kampf um Arzneimittelsicherheit: Kommissarin Bienkowska bleibt hart - shows again: profits before people

Head Of ALEC: ‘I Don’t Know The Science’ Of Climate Change - so shut up talking about it, then...

Time for a real debate on #CETA - of which so far there has been precisely zero #transparency #democracy

UK proposes changes to re-use of public information: ODI fears a backwards step - #opendata

Apple's Responds To Tech Mag Showing The Amazing Bending Phone By Freezing Them Out Of Bendy #Apple Products -

How Common Are Potential Habitable Worlds In Our Galaxy? - "20% Sun-like stars w/ Earth-size planets" in habit zone

How #TTIP will affect consumers in EU’s neighbouring countries - why #Norway, #Iceland & #Liechtenstein must wake up

Our Misplaced Faith in Free Trade - "Free trade creates winners & losers — & US workers have been among the losers."

Froman again urges Tokyo to make concessions for #TPP deal - er, how about the US making concessions instead?

Almost No One Wants To Host The Olympics, Because It's A Costly, Corrupt Mess - wonderful; pl. let it die...

#CETA – a #TTIP prequel - great to see more people joining the dots; CETA must go too (v @henryadamsUK @CETAWatch)

Showdown: The Trans-Pacific Partnership vs. Japan's Farm Lobby - stand back, this could get messy #TPP

Trans-Pacific Partnership could raise stakes for #Vietnam's sick - guaranteed; & people will die as a result #TPP

"Dem BND fiel auf, dass die NSA auch nach "EADS", "Eurocopter" oder nach französischen Behörden gesucht hatte" -

[video] #TTIP seventh round of negociations 29/09-03/10/2014 closing session - usual vacuous evasions #TabledDoxNow

Osborne claims businesses must defend free market from unions and charities - bit hard, given your divisive policies

to borrow a phrase from a certain politician, Osborne is "the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism"...

Trade deals worsen immigration pressures -,0,5331529.story #NAFTA was a disaster; #TPP will be the same

Former Guantánamo inmate says it is inevitable he will bring proceedings against #MI5 after terror case collapses -

Osborne claims businesses must defend free market from charities - notice how he is trying to demonise charities?

At a Minimum, #TTIP Should Ditch Investor-State Provisions - says @CatoTrade (v @snlester)

#TISA, Yet Another Secret “Trade” Threat - good to see people waking up to this (v @PCGTW)

Netzsperren: ab heute in Österreich, bald in ganz Europa - not good

New settlements plan threatens ties with Israel, EU says - all mouth & no trousers...

Companies with links to Tories ‘have won £1.5bn worth of #NHS contracts’ - probably just a coincidence...

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