Friday, 3 October 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 141001 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Leaked #TTIP draft for chemicals sector reveals a toxic partnership - important leak of what's planned

Head Of City of London Police Unit That Operates Without Court Orders Worries About Online 'Lawlessness' - riiight

This Is #CG - this is, well, just,

Future European Commissioner Günther Oettinger refuses to answer on Free Software - does he know what it is?

AFR and More Than 50 Domestic and International Groups Warn that #TTIP Could Undermine Financial Reform -

Exclusive: Tory proposals for “Bill of Rights” - as mean-spirited & petty-minded as you would expect

Stop TTIP - the T-shirt  - now you can be principled and stylish...

superb, detailed debunking of cynical misinformation about #ISDS  being spread by US government - pl. pass on #TTIP

TTIP - Four Letters That Spell Rising Poverty - great analysis of why #TTIP guaranteed to be a disaster for workers

What Will Run The Internet of Things? Hint: It's Fully Open - ARM nearly gets it, but true #openness wins #IoT

Illegal snaring of badgers rising, report finds - well done, Tories, spreading cruelty & pain wherever you go...

Trade talks unexpectedly break down - so that's #TPP *and* #TTIP in trouble...

Few benefits for ordinary Canadians in over-hyped trade deal - great takedown of #CETA lies (v @CETAWatch)

Merkel: "#TTIP would help to generate a large number of new jobs" - there is no evidence to support that claim

Department of Education Announces “First In the World” Grants to Create Openly Licensed Learning Materials - nice

Google Removes News Snippets From Complaining Publications In Germany; Publications Claim It's 'Blackmail' -

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