Saturday, 29 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140327 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Latin American Revolution: #Chile's New Government Wants To Open Up TPP - cracks in the #TPP edifice

UE–√Č.-U. Obama tente de rassurer les sceptiques - fails miserably, of course #TTIP #ISDS

Canada, Big Oil and the frequently and quietly delayed Fuel Quality Directive - disgraceful lobbying #tarsands

EU Court Of Justice Makes Life Difficult: 'Balance' In Blocking Websites, Incomplete Blocking May Lead 2 Liability -

Motion picture industry continues to stagger under #piracy with mere record-breaking income - well put (v @Klangable)

Obama formally proposes end to #NSA's bulk collection of telephone data - er, no: "US phone data" only....

US Trade Deficits Have Grown More Than 440% with FTA Countries, but Declined 16% with Non-FTA Countries - #TPP #TTIP

New Zealand, Plain Packaging, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership - #TPP #NZ

It happened to me: ex-MP Louise Mensch cyberbullied me! - truly priceless (v @superglaze @MartinBelam)

Leaked EU analysis of #TTIP IPR negotiations - some useful hints of where the pressure will be #TAFTA

Senators Afraid Of 'Chilling Effects' On Poor Lobbyists If Scientists Disclose Which Large Company Funded Research -

Day 7 Before The Vote to Save #NetNeutrality! Parliamentarians Must Protect The Open Internet! - contact your MEPs

UK Finally 'Legalizes' CD & DVD Ripping... But You're Still Not Allowed To Circumvent DRM -

University of Konstanz cancels license negotiations with scientific publisher #Elsevier - who's next? #openaccess

US companies fret over selling #TTIP - "argue that it provides a solution to ongoing economic crisis": not even close

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