Thursday, 27 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140325 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Open Letter to EU: Time to support #Open Standards - "EC acknowledges in a state of "effective captivity" to MS"

#TTIP: "Wir brauchen Waffengleichheit von Staat und Konzernen" - useful interview with #ISDS judge (v @dozykraut)

Corporate Sovereignty Provisions Called Into Question Around The World - #ISDS must come out of #TAFTA/#TTIP & #TPP

4 Ways Supreme Court Ruling on Idea of Religious Freedom for Corporations Could Be Disastrous for Americans - bonkers

Death threats made to Ecuadorian lawyer in Chevron pollution case - who would do that...?

Judge Tells Private Prison Corporation It's Government Agency As Far As Public Information Requests Are Concerned -

#ClimateChange Philosopher A Target Of Abusive Hate Campaign - reveals true nature of some denialists (v @Glinner)

Concerns about #TTIP not just in EU: interview with US State Legislator, Sharon Treat - (v  ‏@SharonTreat @DrRimmer)

Conference 10 April The Future of Transatlantic Trade in Paris - great resource; no civil society, as usual? #TTIP

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - includes all 20 of them, including latest on non-existent #transparency #TAFTA

MT @EU_TTIP_team @BarrosoEU : 'We're determined at the highest level to make #TTIP happen'>> what, even if it makes no economic sense? #TTIP

Schwarzenegger 'linked to destructive logging companies' - time to terminate them, no? #trees

MT ‏@euHvR #DataProtection: umbrella agreement by this Summer: equal treatment EU & US citizens. >> oh, we're stuffed, then... #privacy

Is APP's zero deforestation pledge a green villain's dramatic turnaround? - interesting; let's hope...

Setting the record straight on #TTIP? Yes, let’s. - excellent, detailed analysis of attempts 2 weaken chemical safety

Faymann spricht sich als erster Regierungschef gegen "ISDS" aus - Austrian Chancellor against #ISDS (v @Fschweitzer)

New Report: The Way Software is Built is Changing. Are You a Part of the Trend? - from @linuxfoundation #opensource

Tell the commission: enforce the law – protect the pigs - these intelligent animals deserve better #EU

KlearGear No-Shows Hearing, Reinstates $3,500 Non-Disparagement Clause - what an insane story

UK Court Says Information Stored Electronically Is Not 'Property' - so it can't be stolen, right? #copyright

GPPi launches project on freedom & security in the digital age - "right balance between security & freedom": wrong

What's in a name? Geographical indications stir the pot at WIPO trademark committee - hugely contentious in #TTIP #GI

Fight over Rooftop Solar Forecasts a Bright Future for Cleaner Energy - long-overdue energy decentralisation

Inclusiveness at @Mozilla - "express my sorrow at having caused pain"

"thanks to Alan Turing, who basically saved the country by breaking Enigma in 1941." says someone who should know

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