Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140317 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Discussion on #OrphanWorks and Mass Digitization at US Copyright Office - #copyright

Comprehensive Economic & Trade Agreement between #Canada & #EU faces delays - #ISDS the problem (v @CETAWatch)#CETA

IEA: Energy sector’s use of water to rise by 20% - "Non-thermal renewables may use very small amounts of water"

NGOs call for more transparency over food in EU-US trade talks - make tabled negotiating texts available #TTIP

MT ‏@EU_TTIP_team .@vitalmoreira09:'benefits of trade deals like #TTIP are widespread' >>no: GDP boost from #TTIP just 0.05% on average/yr

MT @EPPGroup #EU Parliament committee protects #NetNeutrality by guaranteeing openness of Internet in #Telecoms >>just not true #betrayal

MT @EU_TTIP_team @TABC_Council : '#TTIP is best, only big policy tool left to drive growth'>>no: EU's own predicted GDP boost is tiny

Los activistas presionan por una mayor transparencia en la negociaci√≥n comercial entre la UE y Estados Unidos - #TTIP

.@NeelieKroesEU: EP committee vote takes us 1 step closer to ending roaming charges - it also kills #netneutrality

Berlin 'borrowing shop' promotes the benefits of #sharing - such an obviously sensible idea...

The truth is out: money is just an IOU, and the banks are rolling in it - & let's not even start on #bitcoin...

Will the European Parliament safeguard the openness of Internet? - "regret that compromise amendments were adopted"

TTIP Update XIX - #CETA bug shows @EU_Commission *needs* #transparency, & why regulatory data must be #opendata

Bristol plans ban for tree-climbing, skateboarding and 'annoying' football - shortly to become UK's most boring city

Transatlantic trade trouble - "free marketeers may have over-reached on special deals for foreign investors" #TTIP

Viacom & Google Settle YouTube Lawsuit. - "no money traded hands in the settlement". what a waste (v @declanm)

Half of meat product samples contained DNA of wrong animals, council finds - we need full supply chain as #opendata

Multimaterial 3D printer brings gorgeous fashion to life - impressive stuff... #3dprinting

Canadian Govt Targets Environment NGOs - just can't imagine why... #tarsands

#Snowden: The Biggest Revelations Are Yet to Come - more on #NSA "building backdoors into systems"

#Snowden: "I am living proof that an individual can go head to head with the most powerful intelligence agencies around the world — & win."

US leads the world in use of compulsory licenses, says KEI - & thus in hypocrisy here... #pharma

Pollution Is to Climate Change as Smoking Is to Cancer, Report Says - getting the message across

Bogus Comparison Between Detroit In 1990 And Silicon Valley In 2012 - interesting points

Twitter-Netzwerke der EU-Parlamentarier - pretty; not sure what it shows...

Statement of Amelia Andersdotter on ITRE vote - what she said... #netneutrality

MP: UK intelligence watchdog is like sitcom Yes Minister - "I wanted to know if I had been spoofed for 18 months" To Add Linux Support - #linux #gaming continues to improve

Dilemma for music streaming services: labels demand twice what listeners are willing to pay - killing the future

Speaker's Commission on Digital Democracy -  how parliamentary democracy in UK can embrace the digital world

Pentagon's Watchdog In Charge Of #NSA Oversight Admits He Was 'Not Aware' Of NSA's Bulk Data Collection -

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