Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140303 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Meet the new breed of fat cat: the university vice-chancellor - "still earn significantly less" than in US; obscene

The welfare dependents the government loves? Rich landowners - important piece about greed & stupidity in UK farming

Norwegian gov. reviews fossil fuel divestment plan - holding fossil fuels a mug's game (v @senatormilne @DrRimmer)

OpenForum Europe Response to the Public Consultation on the review of the EU copyright rules [pdf] - pl. send yours

All trials registered and results reported - we must do this for drug health & safety, & to save money #opendata

Last Chance to Submit to EU #Copyright Consultation - closes tomorrow; pl. respond, even if it's short

Florida Wants to Put Black Woman in Prison for 60 years for Firing Warning Shot in Self Defense -

The #Fracking Industry's Contempt for the Public Is Finally Coming to Light - appalling stories

EU drafts conflict minerals law, with opt-in clause - typical @EU_Commission cop-out #chocolateteapot

Whistleblower Groups Increase Security Following a Mysterious Break-in - probably just a coincidence... #nsa

The Indian sanitary pad revolutionary - this man is a total hero

„TTIP sofort stoppen“ -,1472780,26460308.html "0,5 Prozent Wachstum in 10 Jahren, das sind 0,05 Prozent pro Jahr" (v @jhilary)

#TTIP - the dispute over dispute settlement - good analysis of why #ISDS is in there, & why it shouldn't be...

Krugman Gets Informed, Changes His Tune On #TPP - more & more people are waking up...

this interview with IG-Metall-boss Detlef Wetzel is one of the best I've read on #TTIP [de] -,1472780,26460308.html he really gets it

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - just added update number XVII - get it while it's hot... #TAFTA

Why I was right to make 'Hitler spoof' video about botched NHS IT project - absolutely right; can't wait for the next

Majority of EU countries in favour of GMO compromise -

University of Glasgow does not know anything about publishers or the licences they sign - irresponsible in extreme

US Dairy groups ’running out of patience’ on #TPP - " we need to move forward without" #japan & #canada

 Letzte Chance: Mitmachen bei der EU-Urheberrechtskonsultation - just do it #copyright

#CA should follow EU lead on investment rules - good analysis of #ISDS: "would lock in water service privatization"

#CETA will erode our traditional rights - "economic benefits of CETA are very small" (v @CETAWatch)

Canada’s Opaque Transparency – An Open Data Failure - "secrecy by obscurity. a mockery of the notion of transparency"

Biggest gene sequence project to launch - nice; but is #Venter doing it for science or for business? (v @wilbanks)

Last Chance to Submit to EU #Copyright Consultation - closes tomorrow; open to all, not just #EU - pl. respond

Exxon Valdez wreck demonstrates that oil spills impact environments for decades - shows they should have paid more

AFL-CIO, More Than 40 Other Organizations Call 4 Public Consultations on #ISDS in Trade Deals - EU did it, so can US

DHS uses email intercepts to question US citizen about her sex life - wake up people (v @ioerror ‏@jwilkins)#nsa

EFF Sues Over National Security Letters... But Can't Tell You Who Its Clients Are - kafkaesque...

EU scientists descend on #Africa to promote #GM crops - trouble is, GM usually patented, so this is #neocolonialism

#Linux group could hasten 64-bit #Android for ARM mobile devices - great stuff

England health data fiasco provides perfect case study in the importance of trust - good summary of utter, utter mess

RT Host Abby Martin Condemns Russian Incursion Into Crimea – On RT - good analysis - & kudos to @AbbyMartin

The Bad News Cameron is Hastily Burying Under the Ukraine Stand Off - worth reading...

The Blood Harvest - nicely-written piece about fascinating animal

“Pirates Are The Movie Industry’s Most Valuable Customers” - maybe there's hope...

Kill Keystone: the Carbon Mega-Bomb - will obama blow it on the Big One?

US Solicitor General's Office, Run By Former Top MPAA Lawyer, Shockingly Sides With Broadcasters Over Aereo -

Germany’s future without fossil fuels leaving RWE behind - “forced out of the market by subsidized solar power”

Critical crypto bug leaves #Linux, hundreds of apps open to eavesdropping - whoops

BAT threatens legal challenge to plain packaging proposals - "profit before tax increased to £5.8bn in 2013"

Fight Back Against Obama's War on Fossil Fuels - trascendentally stupid Forbes column - & that's saying something

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