Thursday, 20 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140318 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Myriad Genetics Loses Again: Court Refuses To Grant Preliminary Injunction Against Rival Genetic Testing Company -

MEP Tarand: "EU should switch to #ODF standard" - "would allow real innovation, real procurement." (v @schestowitz)

Ending the affair between polluters and politicians - not just disgraceful, criminal in terms of the harm to come

We don’t have to give up liberty to have security: transcript of #Snowden at TED2014 - v good (v @matildasisatto)

#snowden: "I would say the last year has been a reminder that democracy may die behind closed doors." #secrecy #NSA

#snowden: "We don’t have to give up privacy to have good government, we don’t have to give up liberty to have security."

#snowden: "By working together we can have open government and private lives. I look forward to working with everyone to see that happen."

.@EPPGroup's FAQ on EU specialised services proposal - useful for your rebuttals... #netneutrality

Report: Amazon inhales more carbon than it emits - another reason to preserve it

Rakuten’s profits from sales of elephant ivory & whale meat - time to boycott @Pinterest?(v @birgittaj ‏@katiefern9)

Widerstand gegen Freihandelsabkommen mit den USA wächst - good background to @campact's 430,000 petition #TTIP

The Obama Administration’s Trade Agenda Is Crumbling - v negative analysis from @CatoInstitute #TPP #TTIP

Warner Bros Fights Looming Exposé of Anti-piracy Secrets - what fun

UK's Intelligence Watchdog 'Group' Only Has One Full-Time Member, Oversight Efforts Compared To British Sitcom -

US tech giants knew of #NSA data collection, agency's top lawyer insists - confirms what #snowden hinted yesterday

#china to facilitate investment treaty during upcoming EU visit - - with this BIT no reason to include #ISDS in #TTIP

American resistance to #TPP trade pact grows - "taken another hit"

Polish public swings behind EU climate plan - v important shift

Citizens turn up the volume on troubled #TTIP negotiations - "shows that the pressure on the Commission is working"

FAA deems 787 Dreamliner safe despite years of problems - fires? what fires?

Boris Johnson backs Met in bid to use water cannon in London - shameful; can't wait to kick this clown out of #london

Elsevier continues to mis-sell #openaccess and doesn’t care. We need your stories. It’s time to take action -

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