Saturday, 8 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140306 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Boeing submission to US ITC (No. 332-543): India has a legal framework that is adequate to protect IP - so there

#Copyright Reform: EU Commission Must Rapidly Publish Responses to Consultation - "To ensure trust in process"

Encryption, free software and open standards in the european parliament - nice event; Brussels, 26 March #snowden

#snowden's testimony to European Parliament committee on surveillance [pdf] - lots of good stuff (v @SophieintVeld)

#GCHQ Oversight Tribunal Has To Ask GCHQ's Permission To Reveal GCHQ's Wrongdoing - what could possibly go wrong? - new website reveals texts from Europe’s US & Canadian trade negotiations (#TTIP, #CETA) -

Freihandelszonen-Expertenrunde als Feigenblatt - nay, a "Bürgerbeteiligungsfeigenblatt" #TTIP #TAFTA

When #OSS Meets #MOOC - you get yet more democratisation of knowledge... #linux

Freihandelsabkommen: Grüne veröffentlichen vertrauliches EU-Dokument - old, but good to have #TTIP #TAFTA

Putin’s Victorious Defeat - typically thoughtful analysis of #ukraine

Walking the talk - "Erin McKiernan who brought everyone in the room to their feet to applaud her commitment to #oa"

Snowden zu EU-Parlament: Deutschland veränderte auf Druck der USA G10-Gesetz - naughty #nsa

Stop #TTIP immediately” [pdf] - English translation of important interview with head of Germany's biggest union

Russian pressure could stall life-saving shipping pollution cut - come on

La Quadrature du Net participera au débat sur "L'affaire Snowden" le 11 mars à 19h -

Health cuts see new-born deaths jump 43% in Greece - awful

#CIA: We Only Spied On Senate Intelligence Committee Because They Took Classified Documents That Prove We're Liars -

U.S. readies for more 'extremely tough' trade talks with Japan - does that mean even more bullying? #TPP

How The Repo Industry Is Tracking You And Selling Data About You To, Well, Everyone - worrying

T” for Toxic?  7 things about the EU‐US  trade negotiations (TTIP/#TAFTA) and chemical regulation [pdf] -

Karl Ove Knausgaard: the latest literary sensation - best intro I've read to intriguing writer...

Make taser-proof clothing with carbon-fiber linings - I wondered when someone would come up with this...

The agrichemical lobby already laying the ground work for the next Parliament - v worrying stuff in there

Text of Korea-Australia FTA released – #ISDS provisions revealed - useful data point for #TPP and #TTIP

v important comparison of draft CETA Investment Chapter & EU claims in Dec 2013 CETA background doc - many problems

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