Friday, 7 March 2014


 Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140305 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Celebrities parody Cameron's 'on-the-phone-to-Obama' selfie tweet - oh, those wacky Internets...

Getty Images Decides It's Mostly Better To Compete Than Sue, Frees Up Millions Of Images - interesting move

Big coal producer to pay record $27.5m fine for violating water pollution limits - the true cost of #dirtycoal

No #fracking way - excellent, in-depth explanation of how #ISDS could allow corporations to impose fracking on #EU

"Die Zeit der unregulierten Massentierhaltung ist vorbei" - great; but #TTIP would undermine that by offshoring to US

Senators Call For Study On Keystone Health Effects After Doctor Cites Cancer Near #TarSands - maybe sooner, not later

Does European Commission Really Think The Internet Is A 'Value Tree' That Requires A 'Transmission Belt Of Euros'? -

Global Commission on Internet Governance - is a bad joke. our Internet? I think not... (v @ThAOSteen)

North and South sign commitment to family farming - great; but #TTIP will give huge boost to #factoryfarming...

Jewish school redacts exam to remove evolution questions - no longer a science exam, but a superstition exam...

#TTIP-Verhandlungen: Freihandelsabkommen zwischen EU & USA wackelt -"Der Kampf für TTIP scheint so gut wie verloren"

Daughter-belting judge loses seat to primary challenger - deserves to lose rather more...

Scientists Need Your Help to Discern Global Warming's Role in UK Floods - great idea

Nearly Every Star Hosts at Least One Planet - increases likelihood of life elsewhere greatly

Study: Recycling plastic at home saves energy and dramatically cuts 3D printing costs - nice

Sign the petition to candidates running in the 2014 European elections: Stop the #TTIP and #CETA! -

Lobbypedia: #TTIP/#TAFTA - looks v. useful resource (v @ALTEREU @lobbycontrol)

The Face Behind #Bitcoin - Newsweek claims to have found Satoshi Nakamoto... (v @xpectro)

Germany offers frightening glimpse at #copyright trumping privacy - disappointing to see this from #de (v @Klangable)

#3DPrinting's Next Revolution: #Linux - with great embedded power comes great upgrade responsibility

(c) in EU & the Dark Side of online consultations - interesting background to (v @ladyniasan)

Stephen Lawrence report: Theresa May orders public inquiry into police spies - long overdue...

ODI Research Priorities for 2014 - good to see this out in the, er, open

Wounded landscape: how Norway is remembering its 2011 Utøya massacre - striking & beautiful idea

Apple fails to win permanent ban of Samsung products - </yawn>

Why #DRM'ed coffee-pods may be just the awful stupidity we need - could be, could be...

American Cheese-Makers: Stop Imitating Europe! Create Your Own Cheese Names - NB 4 #TAFTA/#TTIP (v @burcuno)#GI

Greek Politician Tries To Use Defamation Lawsuit To Gag Wikipedia, Is Rewarded With Streisand Effect - </sigh>

"would cut businesses' costs & generate enough growth & jobs to boost EU economy by up to €120 bn" - up to includes 0

Homeland Security Detained US Citizen Inside The US, Used Intercepted Emails To Quiz Her About Her Sex Life - awful

Keurig Insists Coffee #DRM Brings 'Interactive-Enabled Benefits' And Is For Your Own Safety - yeah, right...

The Aereo Case Isn't About Aereo, But About The Future Of Cloud Computing And #Innovation - important point

The Act of Killing wins top prize at first Guardian Film Awards - "study of the Indonesian death squads of the 1960"

Disappointing: DMCA Being Used To Make Feynman Lectures On Physics Less Accessible - (c) doing what it does best...

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