Friday, 28 March 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140325 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#NZ actors to rally against secretive #TPP - nice to see...

Rap Artists Wu-Tang Clan Fight Infinite Goods By Selling One Copy Of Their Next Album... For $1 Million - interesting

#Brazil's 'Marco Civil' Internet Civil Rights Law Passes, With Key Protections Largely Intact - emigration time?

#TPP & #TTIP – Policy Implications of Environmental Research Irrelevant - #ISDS devastates environmental protection

there seems to be something of a consensus that the European Commission's "consultation" on #ISDS will be launched today...can't wait #TTIP

EU "Public consultation on modalities for ISDS in TTIP" [pdf] - notice it's "modalities" - no choice...

Theft of Austerity Britain’s Coal [pdf] - excellent detailed report of underhand actions by UK gov - appalling

Public consultation on #ISDS investor protection launched today - good quick comment and suggestions #TTIP

#TTIP Update XXI - why that best-case "€119 bn" GDP boost to EU economy equates to just €15 per person, per year...

"#TTIP – Too many untrustworthy promises and real risks" - excellent analysis from EU Greens (v @andrea_licata)

Girl Scouts Get A Badge In Intellectual Property Maximalism - just sick...

Campaigners slam Commission’s mock consultation on #ISDS in #TTIP - "selling its pro-industry agenda"

German Court Says Creative Commons 'Non-Commercial' Licenses Must Be Purely For Personal Use - #cc-nc means "avoid"

 Data privacy shapes up as a next-generation trade barrier - you bet (v @PCGTW)#NSA #safeharbour

Attacking academic values - wow, now Nature Publishing Group wants to be hated... #openaccess /cc @petermurrayrust

Senator McCain Says #Snowden Is Working For Putin Based On 'Timing' Of News Reports Snowden Has Nothing To Do With -

Breakthrough as ExxonMobil Agrees To Outline Climate Risks - don't forget to include #disinvestment, chaps...

Police use of #Tasers rises sharply in 2013 - this was inevitable; next routine use, all the time...

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