Friday, 26 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140924 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

USTR on #TPP: "we were unable to make further progress on the key outstanding issues" with #Japan - again

We must not be ‘frozen with fear’: Cameron - which is why he keeps fearmongering & destroying civil liberties

When can High Court grant injunction to trade mark holders against ISPs to block access to “infringing” websites? -

MT @michelreimon Austrian parliament majority votes against #ISDS in #CETA & asks @EU_Commission not to finish negotiations on friday>>big

EU Risk-based approach to data protection: risky for fundamental rights - totally inappropriate; we must stop it

Brandis rebuffs questions on #surveillance laws...again! - dogged pursuit by @SenatorLudlam... (v @MsLods) #au

Coalition MP calls anti-coal protesters ‘terrorists,’ ‘green germs’ - stunning rant #au (v @Asher_Wolf)

France Adopts Anti-Terror Law Eroding Civil Liberties - more bad stuff

Oh Canada! #CETA killed off the #FQD - another sell-out by @EU_Commission (v @BartStaes)#pollution #energy

Barack Obama to create world's largest ocean reserve in the Pacific - good news; UK, pl. sort out marine reserves

Pirate Party Launches Site For Public To Put Questions To New #EU Commissioners Responsible For Internet Policy -

EU official: proposed data exception could undermine #TTIP - too right (v @lennarthuizing @CarloPiltz)

De Gucht on #ISDS: "a populistic, emotional debate & one which has been fanned by Internet" - oh, naughty Internet

actually, Mr De Gucht, the #ISDS debate is totally factual - you are the one who has not produced a *shred* of evidence to support it...

Meet the thermal-imaging camera you can afford - in a few years, this will be standard on every #smartphone...

NJ Law That Would Grant Law Enforcement The Right To Warrantlessly Search Houses To Find Underage Drinkers - uh-huh

CETA: Der Stand der Dinge - good update on #CETA, & how Austria has voted against #ISDS

Making Sense of #CETA - indepth analysis: "unbalanced, favouring multinational corps at the expense of consumers"

Nightingales v 5,000 new homes: the battle over the woods of Lodge Hill - what's the point of an SSSI, then?

US attorney general Eric Holder to announce resignation - ho-ho, interesting...

Germany wants investment clause scrapped in EU-Canada trade deal - "Germany will not sign" if #ISDS is in #CETA

Why the Climate Movement Cannot Ignore Trade - neither can digital rights groups, either... #TTIP #TPP

Multinational Veolia is suing Egypt for almost £50 million for cost of raising workers’ salaries - help fight #ISDS

Freedom Not Fear 2014/Schedule - FWIW, I'll be talking there about #TTIP and #ISDS on 27 September

Demonstration tomorrow against the signing of CETA - #London

Facebook Aspires To Jumbo Drones The Size Of Boeing 747s - solar-powered drones

Inside the #Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire - hugely important, hugely worrying piece (v @Klangable)

Europaweiter Aktionstag gegen #TTIP & #CETA - remember what happened after the #ACTA marches?

House Judiciary Committee hearing on trade secret legislation, & revolving door - we need fewer secrets, not more

EPP would sacrifice Moscovici if the left attacks its Commissioners - things getting nasty

Mobilisation contre la ferme-usine des 1000 vaches - #ISDS in #CETA/#TTIP would make this action v. costly for #FR

Who’s afraid of free trade with Europe? - some good reasons why #Canadians should be #CETA

 Junckers Kommissionspl√§ne: Experten warnen vor Wechsel der EU-Arzneimittelbeh√∂rde ins Industrieressort - senseless

Social network Ello gets boost after Facebook boots drag queens - Facebook will be replaced by something; is this it?

Murder Case Prosecutors Claim 'National Security' To Stop Questions About FBI Examination Of Google Maps Search -

Major terrorist attack is ‘inevitable’ as Isis fighters return, say EU officials - doing the terrorists' job for them

Free Software Foundation statement on the #GNU Bash "#shellshock" vulnerability -

#Privacy, remember, is only for criminals - how did we end up here?

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