Friday, 5 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140903 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Two unclassifiable species found off Australian coast - ooh, isn't #science exciting?

#TPP: Trading away our democracy - watch out, #NZ, it's a trick...

Lack of women no longer a problem for new Commission - well, let's say they're slowly getting there

Corporate Sovereignty Debate Heats Up In #Australia - people don't want #ISDS, government just ignores them #TPP

Oettinger "war argumentativ so unterirdisch, dass wir uns keinen “besseren” Handelskommissar wünschen könnten" - #EU

EXCLUSIVE: The Juncker team revealed - Trade: Oettinger; environment/energy: Lord Hill </facepalm> #EU

Ban #fracking from national parks, say majority of UK public - UK gov says: who cares?

Seal population on the rise in Thames estuary - yay, good news for a change #london

‘Interim agreement’ 1st indication that #TTIP reevaluation has begun - "ambition wanes...moves to lower expectations"

that last tweet shows that #TTIP is definitely on the way down, and probably out. no more "ambitious" agreements: just some kind of tiny win

“This is the way the [#TTIP] world ends…not with a bang but a whimper” - ('The Hollow Men' - how appropriate...)

Studie zeigt: #TTIP-Abkommen mit USA nimmt Kommunen und Bundesländer in Würgegriff - #ISDS a particular threat

11th of October 2014 join decentralised EU day of action to stop #TTIP, #CETA & #TiSA! - good to see them linked

How complex is BP? – 1,180 companies across 84 jurisdictions, 12 layers deep - don't underestimate importance of this

OpenOil - hugely important project; depends on #opendata, e.g. from @opencorporates #energy

"economic rationale and strategic imperative of ambitious domestic & global trade agenda" 4 US - unbelievably myopic

Australian Movie Studio Says Piracy Is Equivalent Of Pedophilia & Terrorism - yeah, right

.@anthonynoto says Facebook-style filtered feed coming, whether you like it or not - unutterably stupid & arrogant

CJEU says that EU has external competence to negotiate international agreements on broadcasting rights - #copyright

Why Europe won't impose an arms embargo on #Israel - shame on us, if these claims are true

Korean trade pact fails to impress panel - "minimal benefits", #ISDS worries (v @Tim_Beshara @DrRimmer)#KAFTA

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