Thursday, 11 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140909 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

EU decision-making a little more open: access to background documents drafted by consultants - big (v @RickyPo)#FOI

The Battle For The Internet's Next Round: Internet Slowdown Day - big #netneutrality post coming on @techdirt

urgent: Ask Foreign Policy Ministers to exempt #ISDS from #CETA open letter - pl. do this soon

BBC tells Australian govt to treat VPN users as pirates - stupid & irresponsible

UK's National Health Service Moves To NoSQL Running On an Open-Source Stack - finally

Aussie Government Confirms What People Already Knew: Huge Delays, Price Hikes Cause Piracy - of course...

Das CETA-Abkommen mit Kanada ist rechtswidrig - why #CETA is illegal (v @Energisch_)

Kim Dotcom will get back computers seized during Megaupload raid - about time

Rupert Murdoch hints at support for Scottish independence - well, that should boost the "No" vote... #indyref

Overwhelming majority of Tory MPs do not accept climate change is man made - what an utter bunch of morons

Urgent: Please Write Now to Keep #ISDS Out of #CETA - it's a long shot, but we must try #TTIP

#China Using Man-In-The-Middle Attack Against Google - obviously the latest fashion, eh #GCHQ, #NSA?

Transatlantik-Umfrage: Deutsche wollen größere Unabhängigkeit von Amerika - why not start with binning #TTIP?

#OMGoettinger! Good or bad news for the Digital Agenda? - neither: awful news, especially with pro-#ACTA Ansip

#Guatemala votes to repeal ’#Monsanto Law’ - great news; but what happens with #CAFTA now?

.@JunckerEU's Mission letter to @MalmstromEU [pdf] - interesting references to #transparency #TTIP

Reshoring Initiative is meant to bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States - why #TTIP is exactly wrong

Broad Coalition Calls For a New Model of Trade - #fasttrack just inappropriate #TPP #TTIP

U.S. automakers push currency provisions in trade deals - what if they don't get it? #TPP

Hill as finance commissioner should be rejected - another awful choice for new @EU_Commission

The EU-Canada trade deal is a Trojan Horse for corporate power - great, succinct, analysis (v @CETAWatch)#CETA #ISDS

Everything You've Wanted To Know About #NetNeutrality But Were Afraid To Ask - in-depth backgrounder from @mmasnick

Border Force officers issue warning about #FGM 'cutters' flying into UK - good initiative by #UKBF...

Open data in #education starts to show real traction - good to see #opendata spreading here too

CAFC: The Rogue #Patent Court, Captured By The Patent Bar, Needs To Go Away - yup; pity EU is bringing one in #UPC

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