Thursday, 18 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140916 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Another Case Against #GCHQ Filed At The European Court Of Human Rights; Could Overturn UK's Main Snooping Law -

Why Greenland’s “Dark Snow” Should Worry You - things look bad - literally & metaphorically (v @superglaze)#climate

Osborne's #patent box tax break policy likely to divide G20 - bin it: yet more market distortion

British music industry added £3.8bn to the UK economy in 2013 - growth driven by live music sales: up 20% to £789m

Freedom Not Fear 2014/Schedule - FWIW, I'll be talking there about #TTIP and #ISDS on 27 September

Marie Arena interpelle la Commission à propos de certains pans de #CETA - NB: says there is regulatory committee here

CoreOS: #OpenSource Future of Enterprise Computing? - what can #Linux conquer next? #docker

#CETA: "Article X.6: Role and Composition of the Regulatory Cooperation Forum" seems very open-ended (v @bitsoffreedom)

#CETA regulatory forum "shall: (a) adopt its own terms of reference, procedures and work­plan" - own terms of reference??? unlimited???

Open edX: Why we’re relicensing XBlock API under #Apache - interesting

civil society on global alliance for climate-smart #agriculture - "climate-smart": talk about rebranding...

Investitionsschutz bei Freihandelsabkommen #TTIP und #CETA untergräbt Demokratie & Rechtsstaat! - too right #ISDS

Proposal Would Let FBI Hack Into Computers Overseas w/ Little Oversight - would legitimise other countries doing it

#ISDS dominates #CETA debate in Strasbourg - good report on MEPS' growing doubts

Watch Out, Obama: Only Israelis Believe Trade Will Cut Prices for Consumers - #TPP, #TTIP are dinosaurs

Prompted by Drought, California Will Regulate Groundwater for First Time - we must stop squandering precious resource

Dutch court refers questions to CJEU on e-lending and digital exhaustion - important stuff #copyright

Copyright Holders Want Netflix to Ban VPN Users - the war on #VPNs is serious: post Snowden we need to use VPNs

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