Thursday, 25 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140923 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Is The UK Government Trying To Sneak Through Its Own Corporate Sovereignty Rules? - new law puts growth above all

Towns in Umbria region switch to #LibreOffice - more wins for #freesw (v @schestowitz)

#London ‘Night Tube’ Start Date Announced - hooray, about time too

South #Australia Hits 33% Renewal Energy Target 6 Years Early - kudos; NB @TonyAbbottMHR...

EU considers delaying end of mobile roaming charges - will @EU_Commission *ever* stop grovelling before big business?

Greek Wikipedia user wins key hearing in defamation case - that's good

allowing #torture case "would damage Britain’s relations with America" - what a pathetic, contemptible excuse #UK

Research On #OpenInnovation - new book from OpenForum Academy; free download CC BY-SA

#TTIP - Gemeinsames Papier von Bundeswirtschaftsministerium und Deutschem Gewerkschaftsbund -,did=655140.html see next tweet

"[#ISDS] sind in einem Abkommen zwischen den USA und der EU grundsätzlich nicht erforderlich und sollten nicht mit #TTIP eingeführt werden."

#Microsoft: Learn how to keep your public sector office compliant with the #ODF mandate - this should be fascinating

Open Data,@opencorporates ,@Open_Oil - how #opendata can help save the planet for humanity

France backs agroecology to fight climate change - every bit helps

"opportunity to celebrate the recent end of negotiations" for #CETA - ah, "celebrate"; riiight (v @snlester)

Q&A with former Islamic State member - assuming it's true, disturbing but informative (v @MarietjeSchaake)

Japan, U.S. remain apart on #TPP talks - "we are not in situation in which a breakthrough can be made easily"

Five ways Ban Ki-moon's summit has changed international climate politics forever - "not in the ways you might think"

#TPP Talks Dead In The Water, BMO's Doug Porter Says - going nowhere fast...

EU adverse drug reactions: public access to qualitative data is needed, pharmacovigilance data not “trade secrets” -

Cameron faces ‘day of reckoning for trashing #NHS’, says Labour - @UKLabour finally understands Tories' weak point

Prosecutors forced to admit covert operation caused miscarriage of justice - so police spy guilty of #perjury, no?

French consumers: better informed about #DRM, but still handcuffed - cold comfort

Leaked documents reveal EU-Canada trade deal a ‘sham’ - still major disagreements over #ISDS in #CETA

A Data Revolution that Works for All of Us - not just the 1% - a real risk

Software Business Method Patent Fails Again - another one bites the dust... #alice #alfresco

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