Friday, 19 September 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140917 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

CBS Loses Lawsuit Brought By Podcast Patent Troll, But It's Not Over Yet - really needs stamping out

#Poland's carbon emissions billions to be spent on coal, cutting budget deficit - shameful; #tusk clearly a disaster

 Abkommen #TTIP: Widerstand in der SPD gegen Gabriels Freihandels-Kurs - Gabriel has clearly lost the plot

DGB vollzieht Kehrtwende bei Freihandelsvertrag - they clearly don't understand it, then #TTIP (v @erikwesselius)

ISO/IEC JTC1 Approves #ODF 1.2 PAS Ballot - ever onward and upward #openstandards

EU's Highest Court Allows Libraries To Digitize Books Without Rightholder's Permission - outbreak of common sense

News Corp labels Google a 'platform 4 piracy' - @newscorp: look how you screwed up Delphi, MySpace; you don't get it

Horrific Terror Plot In #AU: Beheadings Of Random Members of Public Planned -  maybe; but convenient timing, no?

Canada’s secretive treaty with China further diminishes aboriginal rights - #FIPA is just awful

MEPs still divided over EU-Canada trade deal - @XHNews providing better coverage than Western media... #CETA

Approval for #CETA no done deal for European Parliament - excellent summary of EP's view on CETA (v @zielwasser)

SimplySecure - Security’s got to be easy and intuitive, or it won’t work - interesting, more info needed #opensource

The Really Good Friends of Transnational Corporations Agreement - the best intro to horrors of #TISA: do read, pl.

Why are we prosecuting students for sharing knowledge? - why indeed? #openaccess

Rigged Rules: A Rogue Corporation in the World Bank’s Rogue Tribunal - more #ISDS injustice #elsalvador

#Turkey announces EU accession strategy - that's a bit of a surprise (well, to me...)

Announcing a Leadership Update at Open Knowledge -

Why Juncker should backtrack and keep pharma policy in the health portfolio - indeed, awful move #alltrials

 Freihandelsabkommen: Gabriel stemmt sich gegen TTIP-Schlappe - disappointing #TTIP

“Scan-to-email” patent troll loses its lawsuit against FTC - yay

Larry Ellison steps down as #Oracle CEO, but stays with the company - long overdue

Report Brands Dotcom’s Mega a Piracy Haven - ridiculously "exact" figures despite poor methodology: "83.7%" riiight

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