Saturday, 22 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140220 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Pharmaceutical industry behaviour & #TPP -  "vital that #NZ does not cede further ground to pharmaceutical industry"

#malaysia: draft text of #TPP will be released for detailed scrutiny & public debate before any final agreement -

Anti-#TPP 'zombies' invade Kuala Lumpur - nice media event #my

discussion about encryption, confidentiality & DebianParl - speakers include Nils Torvalds, father of Linus...

Net neutrality gets final scrutiny in EU Parliament - should we be alarmed? - yes, "specialised services" must go

#TAFTA/#TTIP seen dragging on until mid-2016 - "public debate on TTIP in Europe has turned sour over the past months"

Comment Deadline on UK Cabinet Office “#ODF Only” Policy is February 26 - the best background to what's at stake

OpenMENA - "bringing the values of an open & more collaborative society to Middle East and North Africa"; great news

Critics of giant NHS database 'are scaremongering' - so says Patients4Data, representing charities & drug companies

Historic National US Strategy to Address Wildlife Trafficking - this is good, Mr Obama, pl. make it happen fast

#snowden: "a sort of surveillance time-machine" - the 4th dimension is crucially dangerous #nsa #gchq

Take action now or face 'climate gag' on new roads - just outrageous... #uk

Politicians Freak Out Over New FCC Neutrality Moves, Not Realizing They Probably Won't Do Anything - more theatre...

Exxon CEO Stands Up for Homeowners Against Frackers (When He's the Homeowner) - you can't make it up (v @dozykraut)

 The EU's #netneutrality compromise - what does it really mean? - further analysis of some bad wording

MSF urges #TPP countries not to abandon public health - " most damaging trade agreement we’ve ever seen"

MT @CETAWatch Draft #CETA investment texts will be made public in EU consultation on investment, #ISDS in US deal. >>important news #TTIP

EU-Schutzstandards bleiben bei Handelsabkommen mit USA gewahrt - but in future? #ISDS's chilling effect on new laws

#TTIP benefits called "fairy tale" on #DE television as opposition to #CETA, #TAFTA grows - don't miss "0.05% growth"

Did GCHQ and NSA Lose an Eye Today? - interesting questions #tempora

Obama’s ambitious trade deal hits Asian resistance - "Malaysia’s government has faced debilitating backlash over TPP"

#India gets historic #whistleblowers protection bill - this is good: let's hope it helps

Sows at US factory farm fed blended flesh of baby pigs to guard against viral outbreak -  more factory farm horrors

#Snowden Elected As Glasgow University Rector, Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize - he gets my vote...

Time for trade ministers to think about public health - "a political & not just an economic treaty" (v @StuJT)#TPP

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