Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140218 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Oxfam's Call for #TPP transparency - pressure continues to build to open up these secretive talks

#AU Immigration Department data lapse reveals asylum seekers' personal details - extremely serious blunder

'Nations very close to completing #TPP deal' - BUT: "we ought to be able to close this year" - not that close...

Groser: #TPP deal won't be ready this year - so release the text for the public to discuss... #NZ

comic explaining #TPP - this is brilliantly done: do pass on to people to help them get it

#NHS pulls - Here’s what should do - basically, do things properly....

Miranda detention at Heathrow airport was lawful, high court rules - ridiculous; nothing to do with terrorism

.@EU_TTIP_team except that you define corporates as "civil society" - 500 million EU citizens not involved at all

On the UK’s Equating of Journalism With Terrorism - @ggreenwald makes fun of men who wear wigs... #miranda #gchq

Europeans Say ‘No Thanks’ To American Chlorinated Chicken And Hormone Beef - but will people listen? #TAFTA #TTIP

US 'takes Neanderthal position on climate change' - & it's getting worse #TPP

Fact-checking Froman: The Top 10 Myths Used by Obama’s Top Trade Official - important debunking #TPP #TAFTA #TTIP

Conservatives Oppose Fast Track, #TPP: Poll - republicans should start worrying about re-election if they support TPA

Chemicals leaching into food from packaging raise safety concerns - why #PrecautionaryPrinciple vital #TAFTA /#TTIP

‘Public Interest’ Committee Won’t Fix Imbalance in Trade Policy Creation - because there are 16 industry committees

EU-US trade deal ‘nothing to do with jobs’ - "MPs must open the talks to public scrutiny" (v @corporateeurope)#TTIP

#Kellogg's to buy only sustainably sourced palm oil - this is welcome, if it really happens...

Marcha de maestros contra cumbre tripartita no llega a Toluca; aceptan negociar - #mexico marches against #TPP etc.

Urgent: Please Help Save #NetNeutrality in the EU - pl. write to your MEPs soon: important vote is Monday

A New Website That Lets Tipsters Report Wildlife Crimes - nice idea, hope it helps

Infinito Gold lawsuit against Costa Rica over canceled gold mining contract - given b4 environmental impact finished

The Busting Of Tony Blair - "As the years go by, the smell intensifies." (v @ggreenwald)

Sharing or collaborating with government dox - don't forget to respond to this UK gov consultation on #openstandards

#TPP – power to the corporations at the expense of the planet - & proposals are getting worse, not better

USTR Accepts Business Proposal to Segregate Public Interest in Advisory Committees - thus ensuring public is neutered

Ignorant NY Times Reporter Argues That The Public Domain Is Damaging Film - bonkers #pd

Cue The Hyperbole And Hysteria: FCC Outlines Timid, Murky Plan To (Maybe) Defend #NetNeutrality - or maybe not...

Trade leak shows U.S.’s weak environmental pitch, groups say - and how... #TPP

#TPP is in trouble on Capitol Hill. Here’s why. - saith the WaPo; it's getting serious....

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