Thursday, 13 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140212 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

important #AU #copyright reform report - "key recommendation is for introduction of a fair use exception" (v @MsLods)

The Australian Law Reform Commission officially recommends adoption of fair use - quick summary of report (v @MsLods)

The Imperative to Share Clinical Study Reports: the #Tamiflu Experience - great piece (v @medskep @pharmagossip)

Austrian Collection Society Pushing Members To Support Collecting Fees For Every Embedded Video - </facepalm>

Public forum on anti-people “trade” deal - that's #TPP, of course...

Greens threaten Commission with censure over GM crop - could be fun #EU

Pacific Alliance to eliminate tariffs with new free trade agreement - so why make painful sacrifices for #TPP?

 EU-Radikalreform: "Der Fisch geh√∂rt nicht den Fischern" - this: "fish are a commons"

 Google teams with Foxconn to build robots that replace human workers - that will definitely solve world's problems

Nature’s recent “news” article on Text and Data Mining was unacceptable; I ask them to renounce licensing -

 Mining projects: Greg Hunt set to grant himself retrospective legal immunity - so much for "science-based" policy

Content, Ads, Caution - Mitchell Baker, Chair of the #Mozilla Foundation, on those tiles (v @dajbelshaw)

#ECJ says hyperlinking to freely-available material on other sites doesn't require permission [pdf] - (v @kaatje36)

Copying, sharing and remixing - what do you think? - here's an academic survey that needs some help

Guardian's seven-figure deal to build on 'shared values' & provide branded content 4 Unilever - 1st mozilla, now this

LIBE: No EU-US trade deal unless fundamental rights ensured - also says suspend Safe Harbour & TFTP #TAFTA/#TTIP

#AU Greens move to compel release of Korean FTA economic modelling - these must always be published #TPP #TAFTA/#TTIP

Netflix Rather Quietly Admits Verizon Isn't Throttling Netflix Streams - this time, at least...

Pelosi Puts Obama Trade Powers on Slow Track - huge blow to #fasttrack & thus #TPP

Agri-Business: Why EU trade deals are causing jitters - rightly: EU farms will be badly affected (v @CETAWatch)

Adult content takedowns need judicial ruling, says former public prosecutor - giving IWF censor powers ridiculous #UK

Shanghai Tower (650 meters) - Shanghai Tower (650 meters) the most stomach-churning video I have ever seen... (v @TeaWithCarl)

Jackie Chan: Chinese attitudes to illegal wildlife products are changing - I hope he's right, we don't have much time

Europe's Highest Court Says Linking Doesn't Require Permission - er, why are we even asking this in 2014?

UK storms and floods show climate change is upon us - Lord Stern - good, sensible piece

NAFTA’s 20 - Year Legacy and the Fate of #TPP [pdf] - detailed analysis of #NAFTA's failure in every way

Leaked #NSA Memo: Fueling Perception #Snowden Did Not Work Alone & Is No Whistleblower - really pushing the smears

As Obama Meets Neighbors, Nafta Critics Warn Over New Trade Deal - #NAFTA was a disaster: why extend to #TPP nations?

USTR’s proposal for Intellectual Property Chapter of #TPP will endanger access to medicines for all - unacceptable

#TPP intrudes too far - good point: business gets free insurance from #ISDS, but public pays when nation loses

UK Government Official Gets Twitter Parody Account Closed Down For Mocking Politicians And Heads Of Large Companies -

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