Friday, 21 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140219 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

#Snowden Endorses Sam Adams Awardee Chelsea Manning (video) - interesting thoughts on over-classification of secrets

Save the Internet - important vote on #netneutrality on Monday - pl. contact your MEPs today

South Korea's Love Affair With Censorship Squanders Their Tech Superiority - not just about tech...

EU scientists’ biofuels warnings were ignored - shame on the politicians involved

#Ecuador pursued #China oil deal while pledging to protect Yasuni, papers show - another disaster in the offing

UK Government Refuses To Confirm Or Deny If Your Pronunciation Of Massive Surveillance Program 'Tempora' Is Correct -

Shooting to people in Kiev / Стральба па пратэстоўцах у Кіеве - Shooting to people in Kiev / Стральба па пратэстоўцах у Кіеве awful scenes (v @DenZhadanov)#ukraine

"Air pollution causes 29,000 early deaths a year in UK" - so why worry about terrorism which causes about zero?

it's just absurd to take away our freedom over a threat (terrorism) that is negligible, while ignoring a huge one (air pollution) that isn't

#TTIP: hurdles to overcome - what a fatuous piece. no evidence it's a "huge opportunity": annual GDP boost just 0.05%

#Brazil moves to end tension over land disputes - this is good: let's hope it happens

"What happens if birds are contaminated with feces? rule allows companies to douse them with more chemicals" - #TTIP

Alternative Tube Maps: Underground Underworld - ha! nicely done #hades

USTR Thinks A Non-Transparent 'Public Interest' Committee Will Mollify Critics; It Won't - token gestures much?

Mitos del TLCAN después de 20 años - #NAFTA has been a disaster for #mexico; #TPP will be worse

Demand for food banks 'fuelled by poverty and benefit delays' - "findings had been 'suppressed'"; also, water wet...

Tracking deforestation as it happens - welcome tool; now let's use it where we can #supplychain #palmoil

Terrorists Have Known Cellphones Are Surveillance Targets 4 A Decade But Now It's Greenwald And Snowden's Fault? -

Leaving Google - that would be @timbray...

Trade deals: why Obama is stymied by members of his own party - everyone's saying it #TPP #TAFTA #TTIP

This is the best opening paragraph in any news story ever - well, maybe not, but it's rather good...

Apparently We Are All Confused & Killing Net Neutrality Will Be Just GREAT For Startups - good debunking of daft idea

The Race to Save Mali’s Priceless Artifacts - inspiring tale (v @BoingBoing)

As Idaho moves 2 criminalize undercover video with 'ag-gag' law, clip of dairy worker sexually abusing cow surfaces -

Denmark Is About To Set Even More Ambitious Climate Goals Than All Of Europe - "100% renewable energy by 2050"

Release #TPP text - "If it was just a trade agreement, fewer would be worried. this is mainly about domestic laws"

We're Running Out of #Antibiotics - "80% of all antibiotics used in US are given to animals": selfish, stupid waste

#TPP lose-lose for #cancer patients - must these people be sacrificed on the altar of free trade? #nz

#TPP leak spurs fears over cancer drug - well, leak from last year, no? but point taken...

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