Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140217 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Covert Surveillance & Pressure Tactics Aimed at WikiLeaks & Its Supporters - note #gchq's role here (v @schestowitz)

Aussies to get three strikes law and Internet blockade? - hurtling back to the past #AU #copyright

UK floods: Downing Street to hold clear-up summit with insurers - wait until we hear how many houses are uninsurable

UK storms a result of #climatechange, say nearly half of poll respondents - good to see, but people can be fickle

Trade chief misleads on GM foods - good analysis of very mixed signals from European Commission #TAFTA #TTIP

EU Greens on TAFTA/#TTIP: True stocktaking would lead to suspension - "could threaten core EU standards & rules"

UK Government set to examine Soco’s activities in Virunga National Park - good news: we must preserve this site

The easy way to keep your medical records private - Opting out of the new #caredata database made easy

Karel De Gucht on #TAFTA/#TTIP - I'd love to ask why we must sacrifice EU standards for just 0.05% annual growth

#TAFTA/#TTIP: A charter for deregulation, an attack on jobs, an end to democracy - free download; useful

Australia Pushes South Korea Into Life+70 #Copyright Terms As Part Of Free Trade Agreement - the copyright ratchet

#Israel boycott movement is antisemitic, says Netanyahu - gosh, playing the "antisemitic" card already...

Giant #NHS database rollout delayed - great; but what does it mean in practice? (v @smagdali @CasparBowden)#caredata

Pregnant teenager alleging gang-rape charged with adultery in #Sudan - if confirmed, there are no words...

Recientes propuestas de EE.UU. para el cap√≠tulo Ambiental del #TPP  - US proposals weakens environment text even more

"It is high time #TPP proponents brought facts to the public, rather than attacking its widening range of critics" -

#MarcoCivil #16igualNSAaa - "brazilian activists trying to put up a strong campaign in #Brazil against article 16"

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