Sunday, 2 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140131 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Seven ways Microsoft Excel could change the world - what a spectacularly pointless piece (v @MarkTyndall)

Help stop the barbaric medical torture of harvesting bear bile - vile; nearly 50K signatures - pl. sign if you can

Ofsted chair Sally Morgan accuses No 10 of ousting non-Tories from posts - dangerous politicisation (v @superglaze)

7 Facts That Weren’t In The New State Department Report On Keystone XL - what a whitewash

Welcome to the UK Open Source Awards 2014 - nominate "a great #OpenSource project or company"

How Edward #Snowden went from loyal NSA contractor to whistleblower - book extract; decent summary

Mexico's 'water monster' the axolotl may have vanished from natural habitat - sad if confirmed

January was England's wettest winter month in almost 250 years - just the weather, they will say...

Gorgeous Map of the Internet: XKCD meets National Geographic - nice

The Entire Snowden NSA Cache Exposed Once and for All - what a clueless piece (v @jmcest)

Approving Keystone XL Could Be the Biggest Mistake of Obama's Presidency - so many to choose from...

Finnish Hacker Isolates Helicopter GPS Coordinates From YouTube Video Sounds - clever

3D reconstruction of largest Hallstatt tumulus grave in central Europe - interesting use of drone

#fracking "permits the oil and gas industries to establish [their infrastructures] next to where we live" - #gasland

SmartScope is reinventing the oscilloscope in Open Source (on Kickstarter) - nice

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