Monday, 3 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140201 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

"1 of things he enjoys most is the look on people's faces when he opens his mouth" - interesting cultural phenomenon

Angry Lib Dems accuse Michael Gove of bid to politicise education - this is a really dangerous development for UK

#NHS care watchdog warns of 'alarming' culture - ridiculous attack: these problems caused by non-medical management

FOSDEM: Neue Oberfläche für #Firefox OS - more innovative stuff from #mozilla

UK Parliament considers allowing secret courts to issue orders to seize reporters' notebooks - shameful

Support the Making of the Animated Movie "Reclaim Our Privacy!" - crowdsourced

Interview: Eben Moglen - "#surveillance becomes the hidden service wrapped inside everything" - amazingly, from 2010

How #TAFTA/#TTIP affects the #NHS - meeting in #London tomorrow

CFP: Vigilancia global y formas de resistencia. Vol 11, Nº 2 (JUL 2014) - "se publica bajo #cc by-nc-sa"

 Tiersterben in Indonesien: Komodo-Waran verendet in Todeszoo - close it now, send animals to other zoos #indonesia

 Oil sands opponents file challenge against European Commission - nice move (v @anthonyfenton @CETAWatch)#tarsands

Interview with Caspar Bowden - Privacy Advocate & former Chief Privacy Adviser at Microsoft - wise words (v @snegho)

Kerry: "Today's status quo absolutely, to a certainty, I promise you 100%, cannot be maintained" - #palestine #israel

Move On Data Protection Or Fail On #TTIP, EU Parliament Chair Says - Mike Rogers's comments miss point completely

UK Government Plans to “Ensure” That Google Hinders Online Piracy - dinosaurs spout usual #FUD

Campbellian anthology: > 860,000 words of free fiction from new sf/f authors - wow, #DRM-free too; for limited time

here's @Avaaz petition on #netneutrality - (v ‏@TristramWyatt)

another thing to thank #snowden for: if/when UK's Snooper's Charter comes back, new #opensource code will already have neutered much of it

Lobby ship unions over Trident, Philip Hammond tells ministers - an obviously unaffordable, useless folly: scrap it

Flooding: too little defence, too late, as the waters rise - think of how value of these homes will drop #paterson

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