Thursday, 6 February 2014


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 140204 - yesterday's tweets as a single Web page #MMDD

Our Broken Patent System: Company That Does Nothing May Get Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars From Google - crazy

Officials black out IT security report after it’s published in full - Somerset County Council is just daft

Free Trade Disagreement - "multinational or “stateless” capital diminishes sovereignty of individual countries" #TPP

New #Afghanistan law to silence victims of violence against women - so British troops died defending this...?

War on Anonymous: British Spies Attacked Hackers - #GCHQ's dangerous attacks on free speech & justice #snowden

last tweet confirms that #GCHQ is completely out of control, and regards itself above the law; UK government stupid to allow this #rogue

Judge's Ruling In Google Privacy Case Might Also Make It Possible To Sue UK's GCHQ - about time #GCHQ was reined in

Drugmakers And NIH Band Together To Speed Up Research - all data "shared publicly" (v @PatternGuru714)

Chris Grayling vows to get tougher on terrorism in new crime bill - stupid political posturing #UK

New #Snowden Revelation Is Dangerous for Anonymous — And for All of Us - good analysis of #gchq's illegal activities

#Climatechange threatens to cause trillions in damage to world's coastal regions - UK storms just a taster

Britain's #GCHQ victimized Anonymous supporters with DDoS attack - " hypocrisy, its name is JTRIG." (v @Asher_Wolf)

MSF Director: 'We are loosing the battle' for cheap drugs in developing world - #TPP will make this much worse

UK set to sell sensitive NHS records to commercial companies with no meaningful privacy protections - well put

Speaking Out for Rights of Herders in Inner #Mongolia - oppression spreads

#TPP Would 'Upgrade' U.S. Trade Pacts, Says U.S. Commerce Chief - i.e. make them more unfair and more unbalanced

Astellas Pharma: your chance to comment - deep stuff... #patents #pharma

Biotech lobby shuns consumers at “GMO consumer benefit” event - excellent debunking of claims in closed event

Is the TPP Dead? - not yet, but it's looking green about the gills...

Pakistan Has A Month’s Worth Of Water Left — And 5 Percent Of Its Tree Cover - this will not end well #pk

Free software campaign for European elections - good work by French group April

New Poll Finds Most Voters Want #EPA To Limit Carbon Pollution From Power Plants - would be mad not to...

Anti-piracy app launched by music industry - because one-side #propaganda always works...

Environmental activist monitoring @Sochi2014 Olympics jailed for five days - #russia has nothing to hide, of course

Time for Offensive #GCHQ to Defend Itself in the Courts - UK spy agency descends ever-deeper into illegality #ddos

Microsoft's pledge to 'shield foreign data' may increase NSA surveillance, experts suggest - whoops (v @CasparBowden)

British girl leads Guardian campaign to end female genital mutilation - long overdue; associated #epetition

Number Of Posts On Chinese Microblog Site Weibo Drops By 70 Percent In Wake of Government Clampdown - whoa #weibo

#TTIP Updates - The Glyn Moody blogs - now, er, updated to include Update XIV #TAFTA

Netpol - "seeks to monitor public order, protest & street policing, & to challenge & resist excessive policing" #UK

GP exposes bullying tactics behind #caredata scheme - wow, they don't like the truth or independence, do they? #nhs

#TPP: "secretive, corporatist, undemocratic, unconstitutional, anti-poor, pro-tobacco, job-killing, & a threat to public health and safety"

Corporate rights under serious scrutiny in Europe. Canada fast asleep. - come on, Canada (v @CETAWatch)#ISDS #CETA

Following Latest GCHQ Revelations, Who are Real Criminals? - great piece on UK government hypocrisy (v @ggreenwald)

#Fracking depleting water supplies in US driest areas - "millions of gallons of fresh water to frack a single well"

Report claims #TPP gains have been overstated - why give up so much for so little? #AU #NZ

The annual Forum for the Future of Agriculture - sponsored by #syngenta; I think we can guess where this one is going

65,000 Protest #TPP In Mexico, See Repeat Of NAFTA Mistakes - great to see #mexico joining in the global rejection

European parliament votes for stronger climate targets - kudos to MEPs: UK must listen and accept result

USTR Claims It's Transparent On #TPP Because Congress Is 'The People's Representatives' - </facepalm>

EU seals free trade deal with West #Africa - anyone know if this has investment chapter or #ISDS? any leaks?

Negotiators in Brussels to wrap up #CETA trade deal’s loose ends - good opportunity to drop  #ISDS (v @CETAWatch)

#Microsoft Employees Fondly Remember Days When CEOs Were So Big They Took Up Entire Rooms -,35172/ lovely (v @superglaze)

Schröder zu #NSA-Spähangriff: "Die USA haben keinen Respekt vor unserem Land" - well done for noticing, Gerhard...

"no link between [#TTIP] and this government’s health reforms" - but #ISDS would make #privatisation irreversible

Trade disagreements: the transatlantic market & healthcare - @TheBMA  quite right to worry, but real threat is #ISDS

Alpha Centauri: Dust and Its Significance - I just love this stuff #science

 Dürre in #AU: Ortsbewohner haben kaum noch Trinkwasser - "Die versorge lieber Bergwerke als Gemeinden mit Wasser."

Without Financial Services, #TTIP could be made to look a Monkey - worth reading to understand how 1% see #TAFTA

What the hell am I doing here? - well-worth reading, pondering & remembering....

The ocean is broken - from last year; utterly depressing then, probably worse now (v @TeaWithCarl)

David Cameron takes personal control as flooding crisis worsens - great: so when is Paterson leaving?

European Parliament calls for distributed systems - great; well done MEPs (Again) #freesw

Govt's #TPP benefit figures in doubt - time for a re-think #NZ, #AU?

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