Monday, 31 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150830 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

#TPP Could Block Copyright Fair Use - because of #ISDS - of course...

WTO Ruling Against India's Solar Push Threatens Climate, Clean Energy - shows why putting trade first so dangerous

CIA rendition jet was waiting in Europe to snatch #Snowden - interesting work by "amateurs"  (v @schestowitz)

#Facebook must obey local censorship laws, says #Germany’s justice minister
 - easy to say, hard to do

Court Orders Italian ISPs to Block Popcorn Time - spiace, ain't gonna work... #P2P #opensource #it

written submissions to UK Science and Technology Committee inquiry in "#BigData dilemma" - closes soon: 3 September

‘transparency’ around TTIP a sham - 4 "values-based choices, democracies must be free to change level of regulation"

The MPAA Will Let Amazon Touch Its Stuff, But Only If It Agrees To A Ton Of Stipulations - 'cos #copyright = control

Author resigns from West Point following paper legitimizing attacks on scholars who question terror tactics -

Moral Panics And How 'The Kids These Days' Adapt: From Facebook 'Permanence' To Snapchat's 'Impermanence' -

Many undecided over #TPP - no surprise given how little info they have.... #NZ

FBI: Hurricane Katrina Made It Clear We Just Don't Have Enough Stingray Devices - huh?

Local councils are starting to tear strips off #TTIP - great initiative; more needed

BBC presenter loses it on live TV after spotting a blue #whale - and who can blame him?

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