Saturday, 22 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150820 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

25m birds illegally killed in Mediterranean each year, says report - shame on #Italy for being a serious offender

"analysis of implications of proposed biologics definition in latest leaked version of #TPP IP chapter" -

Google ordered to remove links to stories about Google removing links to stories - this is #censorship, basically

World Is Catching On That Creativity And Creative Jobs Have Been Growing, Not Disappearing, Post-Napster -

SORRY. - maybe @spotify should have published this rather than pushing out its poorly-phrased new privacy policy...

"Key said he would be concerned if #TPP was not done by Christmas" - oh, look: end of the year - again #NZ

Umstrittenes Freihandelsabkommen: EU will doch über #TTIP-Verhandlungen berichten - more U-turns: anyone in charge?

Critics of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal warn about arbitration clause - as they should #TPP #ISDS

Oilseed rape pesticide linked to UK honeybee deaths, study finds - UK government says: "la la la, not listening..."

Our unsustainable habit of hunting and fishing only for adult animals - </sigh> more problems...

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