Monday, 17 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150816 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Beware ‘stripping away’ NZ sovereignty, Māori Party co-leader warns - #TPP

How developing countries are paying a high price for the global mineral boom - companies must pay for the damage

#TISA update - while we are tackling #TTIP & #TPP, let's not forget that #TISA is slouching towards Bethlehem....

New Leaks Confirm AT&T's Position As NSA's Favorite Telco 'Partner' - must be a marketing slogan in there somewhere

#Corbyn's appeal is enhanced by united hostility of press - "neologisms serve to confirm the man’s media supremacy."

Ivory smuggling route tracked via fake tusks with GPS - clever

10-year jail sentence for online piracy “infeasible, unaffordable” say academics - UK gov will probably do it anyway

Sepp Blatter claims Fifa portrayed as a mafia organisation by US investigation - er, yes, and his point is....?

Miliband: electing Corbyn risks creating 1-party Tory state - sure you don't want to make rhetoric more outrageous?

I've noticed how "#algorithmic" is now a dirty word; an algorithm is simply a set of rules/instructions, just like we had before computers

using rules isn't new; meekly accepting them *is*...

#China's Currency Manipulation Should Serve as a Warning About #TPP - he's right, you know...

Don't believe the hype - #TTIP is not for small companies - here's why... #SMEs

The curious case of whistled languages and their lack of left-brain dominance - fascinating stuff #linguistics

#TTIP: #Transparenz war gestern - "steht in eklatantem Widerspruch zu früheren Versprechen" (v @michelreimon)

Vietnam-EU FTA as a backdoor for cheap textile imports into EU? - worse: backdoor for China's #ISDS suits against EU?

#Mozilla Webmaker, Meet the World - "allows individuals across globe to create original content in their language"

Mass grave reveals prehistoric warfare in ancient European farming community - nasty stuff, a long time ago...

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