Friday, 7 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150806 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

US undermining WTO MTS through "secret" TiSA talks? - important analysis of big picture #TTIP #TPP #TISA

#TiSA: Updating Rules Should Create Jobs Not Lower Standards - good to see new focus on TISA in @Europarl_EN

this is why it is insanity including #ISDS in any FTA with #China - (v @DrRimmer)

Chinese VPN Service as Attack Platform? - fascinating analysis (v @GreatFireChina)

Man sentenced to 30 years of jail for insulting the Thai monarchy on Facebook - just incredible

#Vietnam's Livestock may struggle after #TPP - pretty much guaranteed

Peru's New Data Retention Law Gives Police Warrantless Access 2 Real-Time/Historical Mobile Phone Geolocation Data -

UK Gov. Response to Environmental Audit Cmttee’s #TTIP report - v feeble answer to #ISDS threat of regulatory chill

NB: UK Gov. Response to environ. report has #TTIP Parliamentary Approval Procedure -  useful info on what happens

"#MH17 never existed. No plane ever crashed. The West transported debris into a poultry farm..." - #bonkers

looks like #spain could get hit with billions of euros of #ISDS claims - so, still want it in #TTIP? #energy

Man Leaks Sensitive Documents To 4chan; Receives Insults, Arrest For His Troubles - </facepalm>

Job opening: & #ISDS platform shared coordinator - great news, important role at critical time

Supermarkets & garden centres ban 'carcinogenic' #Roundup - "#Monsanto’s strategy of confusion & controversy"

James Comey: Retweets Equal Material Support For Terrorism, But Don't Worry, We'll Only Prosecute Real Terrorists -

Indian rapper 'overwhelmed' by success of protest song against #Unilever - so,@Unilever, what are you going to do?

Irish Businessman Denis O'Brien Sues Parliament, Sends Legal Threat To Satirical Newspaper - just wow #ie

New Zealand’s last coal plant reaches the end of the line - #newzealand leads the way #energy

0-day attack on #Firefox users stole password and key data: Patch now! - do what the man says....

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