Thursday, 20 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150819 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

Increasing the transparency of clinical drug trials reduces number of positive results - why data must be open

New Zealand: Doctors’ #TPP Fears ‘Are Not Misinformed’ - staggering arrogance of #NZ government

#TPP talks to resume in September - pushing process deep into 2016 US elections

Gabriel beschwert sich über Geheimhaltung - whoops,@EU_Commission move proving an own goal (v @michelreimon)#TTIP

Court Lets Malibu Media Move Forward With Discovery In Copyright Case, But Blocks 'Speculative Invoicing' - good

#CA appealing NAFTA tribunal decision of Nova Scotia quarry project - not so keen on #ISDS after all #canada

#TTIP could put Big Tobacco's interests before public health - "predicted gains too small to justify social risks"

Your Toner Is No Good Here: Region-Coding Ink Cartridges... For The Customers - yeah, right

#Mexico: Stop attacks on freedom of expression - "Mexican photojournalist Rubén Espinosa found tortured & murdered"

#TPP protestors take wipe at Groser - "Show Us Ya Text" #NZ

"I hope Chinese aren't collating Madison data with their federal list of Americans with a security clearance." -

Location, Sensors, Voice, Photos?!@Spotify Just Got Real Creepy With Data It Collects On You - spotify just lost it

new @Spotify Privacy Policy is an utter disgrace - I won't recommend service again - & I have many times until now

It's Time To Encrypt Your Email - 6 Posts - it is; here's some help on that

Inhumane animal treatment cited at 3 out of 4 large-volume meat plants - #TTIP would bring this meat to #EU plates

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