Saturday, 1 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150731: special edition with dozens of #TPP links -  week's tweets as a single page

Yet Another ‘Final’ TPP Ministerial and Again No Deal; Not Surprising Given Growing Controversy Over #TPP Threats -

Joint Statement by #TPP Ministers - "we have made significant progress"; so, definitely finished this year - again?

#TPP ministerial fails – time for Key & Groser to cut their losses - or are they so desperate for a deal - any deal?

No better time than now for Robb to walk away from secret #TPP deal - but he probably lacks guts to do so... #AU

Failed #TPP talks show folly of trading away access to medicines & giving foreign investors rights to sue govs -

Ministers fail to cinch #TPP - "delay in reaching a deal is also a problem for Canadian Prime Ministerr"

#TPP delegates fail to reach final deal; pharmaceuticals, cars, dairy key sticking points - quite a lot, really...

Cameron: 'We haven't wasted a day since election' - he's right: every day spent making UK a meaner, sadder, place

#TPP trade negotiations in Maui fail - "TPP environment chapter may be even weaker than its predecessors"

#TPP talks: Key issues preventing a deal - good summary; may be another meeting end August

In NYT’s Fictional Presentation, China Pioneered the “Collect It All” Strategy - how far @nytimes has fallen

Verdacht des #Landesverrat: Der Pressespiegel - massive coverage - rightly so

Can't afford meds? Don't get sick - #TPP wants to bring the all-American way of living (and dying) to #NZ

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