Wednesday, 19 August 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150818 -  yesterday's tweets as a single page

So what's really in the #TPP for Tech? - useful summary (v @lin_nah)

Adani mine a $20b project creating 10,000 jobs? The Abbott government's myths busted - great piece (v @rhysam)

Over 25,000 protest #TPP in #NZ - press release on last Saturday's big demo

Nothing sweet about free trade deal for Australian sugar growers - so we bother doing  it? #TPP #AU

11 badass facts about the Queen that might surprise you - ha!

Beheaded Syrian scholar refused to lead Isis to hidden Palmyra antiquities - Khaled al-Asaad: hero

Confronting the 'danger' of blocking progress on clinical trial transparency - clinical data must be freely available

#Canada: Save #TPP trade-offs for after the election - "talks have been upended by a side deal that affects CA"

Russia had a powerful weapon in its energy sector. Not anymore. - weakens energy case for #TTIP (v @StollmeyerEU)

Brits respond to government's fake quotes with even more made-up stories - ha! nicely done #IDS

Spanish Police Park In Handicapped Spot, Fine Person Who Caught Them For 'Impugning Their Honor' - #es

UK #Fracking - "Find out if you live in or near where licence may be granted – zoom in, or just type your postcode"

Pharmac plea for more money rejected by #NZ - if it's bad now, imagine what it will be like when #TPP eviscerates it

Russell Brand backs Jeremy Corbyn in Labour leadership race - er, haven't we been here before...?

Gay Keating: Medicines should continue to block #TPP - indeed

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