Saturday, 14 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150212 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

.@MalmstromEU empört über @michelreimon - she clearly doesn't understand encrypted files prove his innocence #TTIP

Out of the blue, on the edge of the world, killer whales converge to feast - we must protect and preserve this wonder

#GlobalDivestmentDay shows that its fatal weak point has been discovered: valuation. press harder

Unified Patent Court a mistake of historic dimensions? - good analysis of huge problem (v @Vrijschrift)#UPC #EPO

I Do Not Fear the Greeks Bearing Gifts - how @syriza_gr can show the world the way with #opensource #greece

@EU_Commission in Spain on #ISDS in #TTIP: "Estamos dispuestos a renunciar a estos arbitrajes" - "ready 2 give it up"

.@EU_Commission official admits #TTIP will allow US cosmetics with banned substances to be sold in EU - #standards

The secret business plan that could spell the end for SMEs - good look at why #TTIP will harm SMEs, not help them

letter in @TheLancet:"Call for transparency in new generation trade deals" - "release the full draft #TPP text"

Met's refusal to police London rally 'may be human rights breach' - seems pretty clear

Canadian reply to $500 million U.S. pharma suit: Guesses don’t make valid patents - slapping down #ISDS

Prosecute the @HSBC_UK tax dodgers - the rich should pay what is fair, just like the rest of us

.@USTradeRep: Trade Promotion and the Fight to Preserve the Open Internet - pity #TPP lets #copyright close it down

President Obama To Encourage Cybersecurity Information Sharing, Highlighting Why We Don't Need CISPA -

Thank Snowden: Internet Industry Now Considers The Intelligence Community An Adversary, Not A Partner - quite right

#Argentina's president formally charged over alleged terrorist attack cover-up - wow: where is this going to go?

#TiSA must include a gold-standard clause to protect public services - not what they want...

Go to prison for sharing files? That’s what Hollywood wants in the secret #TPP deal - happy with that, #AU, #NZ?

Germany: Investor-state dispute settlement (#ISDS) is unconstitutional - it's also unnecessary and unjust

Go to Prison for File Sharing? That's What Hollywood Wants in the Secret TPP Deal - " even noncommercial activities"

Intellectual Property Provisions in Leaked Japanese #RCEP Proposal that Threaten Availability of Generic Medicines -

Wie die Vergangenheit einer IP-Adresse die Einreise in die USA erschweren kann - he was lucky he didn't get droned

German government approves #fracking - smoothing the way for #TTIP perhaps?

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