Sunday, 8 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150205 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

#India's new #ISDS - "requires investor to exhaust all local remedies (judicial & administrative) before arbitration"

Data retention will hurt YOU, not criminals. Here’s how - detailed and worrying #AU

#ISDS im #TTIP: Schutz oder Ende des Rechtsstaats? - "neue EU-Kommission erwägt auf Schiedsgerichte zu verzichten"

German Data Protection Commissioners Take Action Against EU Data Transfers To US Under 'Safe Harbor' Program - big

British Army To Create 1500-Strong Social Media Propaganda Force - apparently fewer than that...

#GCHQ-#NSA intelligence sharing unlawful, says UK surveillance tribunal - wow, huge #snowden

#OpenSource's Secret - and Dangerous - Shame - first #OpenSSL, now #GnuPG: we must do better, to preserve freedom

draft EP-resolution on TTIP: #ISDS "is not necessary in #TTIP given the EU's and US's developed legal systems" -

on #TTIP,@davidmartinmep allegedly said: “If you’re here to listen, then listen, if not then piss off!” - really?

Why a US battle over corporate hijacking of science matters in EU - good look at important area (v @sfsutcliffe)

Why can't this car be sold in US? - oh, look: joys of #TTIP explained using </drumroll> cars as an example. Again.

why don't they just re-name #TTIP as the "Atlantic Car Trade Agreement" - #ACTA - and be done with it...?

talking of #ACTA..."France Implements Administrative Net Censorship" - courts? who needs 'em?

.@ukhomeoffice consultation: Interception of comms & equipment interference: draft codes of practice - #RIPA

Studios Fed Up With Funding The MPAA: Changes May Be Coming - let's hope....

Here's The Biggest Problem With Obama's New Trade Push - well, one of many, actually #TPP #vietnam

IT-Service warnt EU-Parlament: MS Outlook auf iOS wegen “schwerwiegenden Sicherheitsmängeln” löschen -

Why #Chile has emerged as a big solar market - brilliant, obvious idea...

#TTIP, #ISDS and #china - yes, they get it: China will Want #ISDS in bilateral treaty - to use against West

#Turkey to lose $5B annually if not included in #TTIP agreement - and it won't be...

Pressure on #GCHQ to disclose internal policies after historic tribunal ruling - which they will shrug off, I fear

Yes, ISIS Burned a Man Alive. White Americans Did the Same Thing to Thousands of Black People - awful acts

Anti-Net Neutrality Propaganda Reaches Insane Levels With Bad Actors And Porn Parody - bonkers - & desperate

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