Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Moody's Microblog Daily Digest 150209 - yesterday's tweets as a single page

Google's dog robot looks too real for comfort when getting kicked - but what happens when they kick back?

Obama To Germans Worried About #NSA Surveillance: 'Hey, Trust Us!' - er, why would they do that?

Why We Should Rename #TAFTA/#TTIP As The 'Atlantic Car Trade Agreement' - 'cos it's almost entirely about cars #ACTA

#TTIP: literature and #publishing not covered by cultural exception’ - no more special schemes to support EU authors

#TTIP can help reap rewards of the 'Internet of Things' - implicitly an attack on EU's strong #dataprotection rules

Australia May Stop Providing Water and Power to Remote Aboriginal Communities - 1st their land is stolen, now water

UK spent 300 times more on fossil fuels than clean energy despite green pledge - contemptible

Foodwatch: German #TTIP study ‘utopian’ - for developing countries, #TTIP just thinly-disguised neo-imperialism

Former GCHQ legal director: Journalists’ communications not considered in #RIPA drafting - well, there's your problem

Left and Right Align in Fighting Obama’s Trade Agenda - curious alliances (v @EllieAsksWhy)#TTIP #TPP #TPA

.@bancosantander has ploughed tens of millions of pounds into Indonesia’s number one rainforest destroyer. - shame

Why the UK #GCHQ unlawful spying ruling may force president Obama to take action - interesting analysis

Cutting red tape, safeguarding standards - regulatory cooperation in EU-US trade talks - dixit @MalmstromEU #TTIP

 what Austrian MEP Leichtfried saw in the Top Sekrit #TTIP Room.... - (v @michelreimon) key stuff still missing

[Updated with latest Ubuntu phone info from Mark Shuttleworth] After Android: Ubuntu, Xiaomi, Meizu or Tencent? -

US harvest threatened by oil and gas boom and water shortages - yeah, who needs food when you can eat oil? #fracking

SalesAgility opens the doors for the UK #OpenSource Awards 2015 -

Terrorized Into Irrationality: UK Police Demand Names of Charlie Hebdo Supporters - </facepalm>

U.S. lawmakers put currency cheating on trade agenda - & the cat among the pigeons #TPP

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